SOAX’s response to the war in Ukraine. Data driven values.

Written by: Maria Kazarez

SOAX is a UK data acquisition business committed to providing stellar service to all our customers and clients. As the war in Ukraine continues to unfold, we are focusing all our attention on making sure our customers and our team remain our number one priority.

At SOAX, we have a widely diverse group of employees from different ethnic, gender, cultural, religious backgrounds, and beliefs. Our remote team is spread across thirteen different countries, including Ukraine and Russia, and as a company, we will continue to ensure their personal safety and security.

We understand that this crisis impacts our employees and their families, and that is why we are making sure all our efforts are to provide a level of financial and emotional support to them.

The situation is critical and fast-moving, and as we continue our business operations, we are constantly evaluating the impact and supporting our employees and clients wherever they are in the world.

We believe data is crucial in making informed decisions. Therefore, we will do everything to ensure that our service and operations go uninterrupted following our high legal and ethical standards.

As always, SOAX is guided by our values and purpose to connect communities across the globe and endeavor to act in people’s best interests. The recent events have caused unimaginable suffering and heartache to many innocent people, and our hearts go out to the millions affected by this.


Maria Kazarez

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