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Why use proxies for
AI training data collection

To train advanced AI models, like chatbots and large language models, you need a lot of diverse and high-quality data. Web scraping proxies are essential for collecting this training data, so your AI can perform at its best.

With proxies, you can collect data from web pages, documents, images, and more to create large and diverse training datasets. This extensive data helps your AI systems learn comprehensively, covering various scenarios and special cases.

Training AI models require specific and valuable data. Focus on scraping niche websites, social platforms, and languages to get specialized training data that matches your model's needs. For instance, legal AI can benefit from scraping legal briefs and rulings with precision.

Proxies can help you speed up your data collection process by distributing your requests across multiple IP addresses without any latency or bandwidth issues. You can also avoid throttling, blocking, or captchas that might slow down your scraping.

You can use proxies to keep your datasets updated. Scrape data in real-time or at scheduled intervals to stay up-to-date with the latest events, trends, and your changing requirements. This new data guarantees that your AI becomes better at providing relevant responses over time.

SOAX sources its extensive proxy inventory responsibly, ensuring legal and ethical data collection. Stringent vetting ensures our IPs maintain pristine reputations to access more data sources so you can confidently use our global IP network for training AI without any data origin doubts.

Optimize AI training data collection

Starting at $6.60/GB with residential proxies

Low thread-to-IP ratios

Maintain a natural browsing pattern with fewer threads per proxy to remain undetected and prevent rate limiting.

Low thread-to-IP ratios
Starting at $6.60/GB with mobile proxies

Data caching

Cach frequently accessed data like popular websites to decrease bandwidth expenses and increase scrape speed.

Data caching
Starting at $6.60/GB with ISP proxies

Concurrency controls

Configure optimal scraping concurrency without overloading targets and getting blocked.

Concurrency controls
Starting at $0.65/GB with datacenter proxies

Traffic shaping

Simulate organic human behavior by pacing requests and modulating traffic volume to avoid bot patterns.

Traffic shaping

Build your own
large language models

Scraping forums, wikis, articles, and discussion boards generates a wide array of real-world questions and answers. Feeding these QA pairs into your models exposes them to diverse query types and conversations.

Scraping niche image datasets enhances custom vision models, improving performance in key recognition tasks tailored to your needs—be it in retail, wildlife, travel, or medical imaging.

Extracting dialogues, message transcripts, and social media exchanges provides valuable training data for interactions that are more human-like, with nuanced responses and contemporary slang.

Tailor datasets for specialized models in areas like internal search and recommendations. Obtain enterprise data optimized for your organization's unique use cases, terminology, and workflows.

Scrape region-specific data in various languages to build localized datasets for culturally aware models, improving understanding and response to users from specific demographics, languages, interests, and intents.

Why choose SOAX for
AI training data collection

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Advanced targeting settings

Use location targeting to select proxies from different countries, regions, and cities to gather training data reflecting diverse demographics, such as students, professionals, and urban residents.

Specify data provider carriers to target mobile vs broadband vs landline users and filter proxies by ASNs to target specific organizations and networks.

Collect specialized mobile or desktop data to meet your needs.

Fully-managed service

All IPs are sourced directly from consenting users to ensure 100% ethical data harvesting.

Leverage 191 million IP addresses worldwide with 99.95% uptime.

Proxies are designed to automatically rotate IP addresses, helping you scrape without bans or blocks.

Proxies support HTTP, SOCKS5, and UDP protocols so you can use your preferred connection type.

Have as many connections as you need to scale data collection to any size required.

Fully automate proxy management for turnkey data extraction.

One Platform, Multiple Ways to
Get the Data You Need

Starting at $6.6/GB

Proxy Servers

Choose from a variety of proxy types
— residential, datacenter, mobile, and ISP proxies —
to meet your specific AI training data collection needs. 
  • Rotate IPs for realistic scraping traffic and mimic real user behavior across social media sites.
  • For sites requiring logins, maintain sticky sessions for logged-in account scraping.
  • Avoid reusing IPs extensively which triggers bans.
    Explore proxy servers
    Starting at $4.00/GB

    Web unblocker

    Access data from any website, even if it's blocked in your country.
    • Unblocker analyzes bot protection systems.
    • Generates custom solutions to mimic human actions.
    • Mimics actions expected by the systems.
    • Grants access after successfully emulating human behavior.
      Explore web unblocker
      Web unblocker
      Starting at $0.175/1,000 API requests

      Scraper APIs

      Streamline your market research with Scraper APIs.
      Easily retrieve large-scale data through simple calls.
      Eliminate the need for complex web scraping code.
      • The API manages JavaScript rendering.
      • It evades bots during scraping activities.
      • The API provides structured JSON data output.
      • Integrate formatted social data directly into your workflows.
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        What kind of data can you scrape for AI training?

        You can collect virtually any type of data for training AI from websites, texts, images, documents, audio, video, and databases.

        How do you deal with large volumes of data for training massive neural networks?

        Our infrastructure is designed to accommodate enterprise-level volumes, offering high bandwidth, unlimited concurrent sessions, sticky sessions, and rotating proxies to prevent tracking, automatic retries, anti-CAPTCHA solutions, and IP anti-blockage measures like mimicking real browser fingerprints to avoid bot detection.

        How does your platform integrate with my internal systems and datasets?

        We offer versatile integration options for our proxies, allowing you to effortlessly combine externally scraped data with your proprietary content. Whether you prefer third-party integration or seamless connection to your internal systems through APIs, SOAX proxies provide JSON and HTML formatted web scraping output.

        Can you target and focus scraping on specialized subjects?

        Certainly, our customizable scraping APIs allow you to specify precise data criteria, including keywords, entities, page types, languages, and more. You can achieve data precision that aligns with your requirements.

        What are the benefits of using proxies for AI training data collection?

        Data extraction often requires proxies as not all websites willingly share their data. When they detect a scraping bot, they block its IP address. Fortunately, scrapers can employ multiple proxies, swiftly switching to another if one IP is blocked, ensuring uninterrupted access to the necessary data. In situations where websites employ advanced anti-bot systems, you can also employ unblocking solutions to bypass their defenses and access the desired data.