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Scrape public data without interruptions from CAPTCHAs or blocks, manage multiple social media accounts, and verify ads with fast and reliable mobile proxies.

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Fast and reliable mobile proxies

You can use our global network of mobile proxies to reliably scrape all the data your business needs while evading CAPTCHAs and sophisticated bot blocks. Our 33 million lightning-fast mobile proxies  have a 99.5% success rate and are 100% ethically sourced. 
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Fast and reliable mobile proxies

What is a mobile proxy?

A mobile proxy is a proxy server that uses a mobile IP address, typically assigned by a mobile internet service provider (ISP). These proxies route your internet traffic through a 3G, 4G or 5G network, making your traffic appear as if it originates from the proxy’s location and ISP.
What are the different kinds of proxy?
What is a mobile proxy

3G/4G/5G/LTE mobile proxies from SOAX

SOAX offers a wide pool of legitimate and stable IPv6/IPv4 addresses.

We have a large pool of whitelisted mobile IP addresses, guaranteeing a fast and secure connection every time. We are always expanding our mobile IP pool, and continually invest in IP quality and variety.

Our rotating mobile proxies give you a fresh IP address for each new request, allowing you to evade even the most sophisticated anti-bot measures. If you lose a connection, SOAX will automatically assign you a new mobile IP, so you don’t lose your progress.

Our global proxy network covers 195 countries, ensuring no location is out of reach. SOAX gives you the power to precisely target your location beyond the country level, down to the specific city or carrier.

We take privacy seriously and are 100% compliant with GDPR. We treat every device in our network with the utmost respect, guaranteeing that our mobile proxies meet the highest standards of privacy and responsibility.

SOAX gives you the power to effortlessly automate crucial aspects of your proxy management. API access allows you to transform complex tasks into simple, efficient processes.

SOAX gives you the flexibility to customize your IP refresh rate to suit your data collection needs. You can also establish a sticky IP address that stays with you even if your connection drops, ensuring that you have a continuous online identity.

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Easily integrate our mobile proxies into your workflow. Whether you're using Python, C#, PHP or something else, getting started takes just five minutes. If you need help, our support documentation and customer care team will make it easy.

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Manage your proxies effortlessly

Monitor and manage your mobile proxies with ease in our user-friendly dashboard. Keep track of your proxy usage, set up geo targeting, customize your IP refresh rate, assess the coverage of our network, access the API, and more.

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The best proxy product - I love the sticky sessions feature.


Ibrahim B.

Efficient and reliable - a game changer for online data management!


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One of the most beneficial aspects of SOAX is its extensive worldwide IP pool.


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How do businesses use our proxies?

thumbs-up Data collection

Scrape public data without interruptions from CAPTCHAs or blocks.

thumbs-up Social media

Manage multiple accounts on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok.

thumbs-up Price comparison and monitoring

Monitor prices on Amazon, eBay, and more. Track competitors and view regional pricing variations to refine your pricing strategies.

thumbs-up Consumer trends

Gain insights into global consumer behaviors, essential for marketers, researchers, and business owners.

thumbs-up SEO monitoring

Scrape Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Analyze SEO performance and research competitors with our location-specific proxies.

thumbs-up Brand protection

Detect faulty ads, unauthorized intellectual property use, or negative brand mentions. Track counterfeit products or online brand misuse.

thumbs-up Advanced cybersecurity

Enhance your cybersecurity with our proxies to protect your online presence, prevent data breaches, and filter out threats.

thumbs-up Goods purchasing

Buy limited-edition sneakers and region-specific products by bypassing regional restrictions.

More than 10,000 people choose SOAX for their business

A trusted partner in the journey towards sustained success

SOAX proxies are an integral part of our ecosystem, seamlessly integrated into our operations. The SOAX team has become more than just a service provider; they're now a trusted partner in our journey towards sustained success.

Sergey Konovalov

Sergey Konovalov, CEO - Mobio Group

Frequently asked questions

What are mobile proxies?

Mobile proxies are a kind of forward proxy that use mobile IP addresses assigned by a mobile internet service provider (ISP). These proxies forward your internet traffic through mobile networks, like 3G, 4G, or 5G. Mobile proxies are beneficial for tasks that require high anonymity, as mobile IPs are shared by many users and change frequently. This makes them less likely to be blocked or flagged by websites compared to traditional, static IP proxies. 

What are the benefits of using mobile proxies?

Mobile proxies help businesses and individuals increase their anonymity, protect privacy, and improve online security. With SOAX mobile proxies, you can bypass geo-restrictions and access content in different locations.

Why are proxies so popular?

Mobile proxies use IPv6/IPv4 addresses from real mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to route traffic. Because they use real mobile devices, mobile proxies are very good at evading even the most sophisticated bot-blocking methods. This means that you can scrape public data for as long as you need without being interrupted by CAPTCHAs or other verification methods.
Before signing up for a paid plan, you can test all SOAX features for $1.99 to better understand how mobile proxies work.

What can I use mobile proxy servers for?

Mobile proxies are commonly used for social media management, ad verification, web scraping, and avoiding geo-restrictions. However, you can use mobile proxies for many different purposes. For example, you can conduct market research by collecting high-quality data from various locations, compare prices across different e-commerce websites, and ensure that your ads are displayed correctly.

What's the difference between 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE proxies?

3G proxies: These are based on the third generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology. They offer moderate speeds and are less commonly used today due to advancements in technology.

4G proxies: These proxies use the fourth generation of mobile technology, providing faster speeds and better reliability than 3G. They are widely used for mobile internet access.

5G proxies: The latest in mobile network technology, 5G proxies offer significantly higher speeds and lower latency compared to 4G. They are ideal for high-bandwidth applications but are still being rolled out globally.

LTE proxies: Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is often associated with 4G technology, but it technically predates 4G. LTE proxies offer better performance than 3G but may not always meet all the standards set for 4G connectivity.

Each type of proxy offers different levels of speed and connectivity, with newer generations offering improvements over the previous ones.

How extensive is SOAX’s global proxy coverage?

The SOAX proxy network provides extensive global coverage with access to over over 195 countries worldwide. Our most popular countries are the USA, UK, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, India, Ukraine, and Australia. When you use SOAX mobile proxies, you can select your location down to the country or city level. 

Note: Due to the intricate regulatory landscape concerning IP address usage and anonymity in Texas, we currently do not include or support proxy servers located within the State of Texas.

Does SOAX offer a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial because our priority is to prevent the misuse of our services for unethical purposes. Instead, we provide a paid trial for $1.99. This approach helps us maintain high standards of use and service quality.

How does your IP rotation work?

Our IP rotation system offers three modes:

Same IP up to Rotation: This setting allows you to use the same IP address for a specific duration you set, as long as the IP stays online. If the IP goes offline before the set rotation time, a new IP is automatically assigned.

Hold IP if Connection Lost (Sticky IP): The Sticky IP feature enables you to maintain your IP address connected to a specific port for a predetermined period, provided the IP remains online. Normally, your IP would change if it loses connection even briefly, but Sticky IP prevents this, ensuring continuity.

Rotating - New IP on Each Request: In this mode, you get a new IP from the proxy server for every request you make. This means each new website or page you access will be through a different IP address, offering high anonymity and security.

What other proxy types do you offer?

Besides mobile proxies, we offer these proxy types:

  • Residential proxies: Good for when you need anonymity. 
  • Datacenter proxies: For when you need high-speed proxies and anonymity is less of a concern.
  • ISP proxies: For when you require anonymity, but you need something faster than residential and mobile proxies. 

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