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High-performing Datacenter Proxies

Harness the power of proxies hosted on servers located in large data centers instead of residential devices or ISPs - now available in multiple countries!

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Features of our high-performing Datacenter Proxies

Hosted on high-speed servers in data centers designed for performance, Datacenter Proxies can offer fast connection speeds with low latency. This makes them well-suited for tasks like web scraping non-advanced anti-bot targets that require high throughput.

The servers powering Datacenter Proxies are enterprise-grade with redundancy built-in. This results in consistently high uptime percentages, often 99.9% or higher.

Datacenter Proxies are highly scalable, with the capacity to handle thousands of requests simultaneously. This makes them suitable for large-scale projects.

Datacenter Proxies are easier to organize and control centrally as they originate from a consistent centralized location, unlike residential proxies distributed across consumer devices and networks.

Our Datacenter Proxy Coverage

We've expanded our datacenter proxy coverage to more countries globally. Watch this space for more updates!

Optimized for convenience

The consistent nature of datacenter IPs makes it easy to install proxy extensions or apps that allow you to dynamically switch between different datacenter proxy IPs as needed. This simplicity enables you to start using thousands of proxy IPs instantly without complex configurations.

Whether you want to enable proxies in your Python scraper bot or funnel website traffic through proxies for split testing, datacenter proxies integrate easily with just a few API calls.

Pay for your specific needs and scale up effortlessly. Choose between dedicated IPs and shared IPs according to your requirements.

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SOAX proxies are an integral part of our ecosystem, seamlessly integrated into our operations. The SOAX team has become more than just a service provider; they're now a trusted partner in our journey towards sustained success.

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Sergey Konovalov, CEO - Mobio Group

Removing geographical constraints to foster a more collaborative culture

SOAX's proxies have greatly enhanced our web testing, ensuring a seamless online experience and fostering a healthier remote work culture by eliminating geographical constraints.

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Anastasiia Stepko, CEO - Weljo

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What are the benefits of datacenter proxies?

Datacenter proxies, located in data centers and directly connected to high-speed fiber optic networks, offer a shorter route with fewer hops compared to residential proxies. This results in lower latency and faster speeds, with requests going directly from the datacenter to the target website, maximizing throughput. The simplified network path and centralized infrastructure of datacenter proxies remove complexities around peer-to-peer networks. They are easy to scale and manage without relying on individual residential IPs. The speed, scalability, and simplicity of datacenter proxies make them ideal for use cases such as:

a) Managing multiple accounts with different IP addresses to avoid blocks, thanks to fast speeds that handle rapid account switching.

b) Web scraping simple public sites that don't require complex residential IPs, as the direct connections provide blazing scraping speeds.

For larger websites with advanced bot-detection systems, like social media platforms and online retailers, consider alternative proxy solutions like Web Unblocker.

How fast are your datacenter proxies?

Datacenter proxies are hosted in specialized data centers that are not affiliated with traditional companies that provide regular Internet services to consumers. Being hosted in a data center, the internet connection is much faster than a typical home connection or a mobile 5G network, which is why datacenter proxies are faster. 

Are there country or city-level targeting options?

Yes, you can target our datacenter proxies by country or even city. This allows mimicking locations accurately for geo-restricted content access.

What is the geographical distribution of SOAX's Proxies?

SOAX's residential proxies and mobile proxies are spread across the world. The countries with the highest concentration of datacenter IPs include the USA (excluding Texas), Canada, the UK, Germany, and France. See a comprehensive list of SOAX proxy locations. Our ISP and Datacenter proxies are limited to the USA and exclude the state of Texas.

How do I integrate your proxies into my application?

We provide straightforward proxy integration guides for popular languages and frameworks, including Python, NodeJS, Selenium, and more. If you need assistance with the setup, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What kind of volumes and loads can your proxies handle?

Our network effortlessly handles unlimited concurrent threads and bandwidth-intensive loads. If you'd like to explore how it can meet your unique needs, please address our sales

How do you prevent proxies from getting blocked?

We employ techniques such as using ASN rotation, careful IP cycling, and intelligent caching to avoid bot detections.

What other proxy types do you offer?

We offer different proxy types:

  • Residential proxy: Good for when you need anonymity. 
  • Mobile proxy: For when you have to manage multiple social media accounts or verify ads.
  • ISP proxy: For when you require anonymity, but you need something faster than residential and mobile proxies.