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To scrape price data from marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and Target, proxies must meet geo and rotation requirements to avoid triggering anti-bot systems.
A wide selection of proxies helps minimize risks during scraping and data collection.
  • Choose from 191m+ proxies across the globe
  • Select rotating intervals to bypass bot protection systems
  • Utilize ethically collected proxies and data, compliant with all relevant laws
    Concurrency controls

    Compatibility will never be an issue

    Integrate proxies seamlessly across devices, operating systems, and programming languages, eliminating worries about compatibility limitations hindering your data collection.
    • Quick setup process
    • Compatible with all standard protocols and programming languages
    • Five API methods to integrate proxies with any software stack you have
      Traffic shaping

      Broaden your e-commerce data scraping scope

      Geo-targeting helps to target specific locations in online applications and services, enhancing control and tuning based on geographic preferences.
      • Access 195+ geos
      • Target specific countries, regions, cities, and ISPs
      • Handle large data volumes without investing in infrastructure
        Low thread-to-IP ratios

        Stable data flow tailored to your business needs

        Gather dynamic pricing data from top online platforms for pricing optimization. Access real-time prices, historical trends, sales patterns, and predictive insights.

        Analyze competitor pricing strategies, discount approaches, and bundling tactics. Simulate scenarios for price matching or differentiation.

        Leverage community feedback from social platforms. Mine reviews, ratings, tags, and more for buyer sentiment, complaints, and preferences.

        Group consumers based on habits. Create customized incentives for micro-segments.

        Monitor real-time product availability changes. Analyze performance by product lines to optimize inventory.

        Global market data in real-time

        High success rates at scale and sub-second response times ensure the completeness of data collection. This, in turn, contributes to sustaining the integrity of automated data feeds.

        E-commerce scraping involves constantly scaling up requests to match your growing data needs. SOAX’s architecture supports an infinite number of scraping requests in parallel from a single proxy.

        Obtain data from e-commerce platforms with heavy JavaScript components.

        Cach frequently accessed data like popular websites to decrease bandwidth expenses and increase scrape speed.

        Collect specialized mobile or desktop data to meet your needs.

        Proxies are designed to automatically rotate IP addresses, helping you scrape without bans or blocks.

        Choose a solution that suits your in-house setup

        Starting at $6.6/GB

        Proxy Servers

        Choose from a variety of proxy types to meet your specific business needs. 
        • Rotate IPs for realistic scraping traffic and mimic real user behavior across websites.
        • For sites requiring logins, maintain sticky sessions for logged-in account scraping.
        • Avoid reusing IPs extensively which triggers bans.
          Explore proxy servers
          Starting at $2.50/1k requests

          Web unblocker

          Web Unblocker circumvents advanced anti-bot systems, ensuring high success rates, regardless of the website's complexity.
          • Unblocker analyzes bot protection systems.
          • Creates tailored solutions to replicate human actions.
          • Simulates expected actions according to system requirements.
          • Grants access upon successfully emulating human behavior.
            Explore web unblocker
            Web unblocker
            Starting at $0.175/1k API requests

            Scraper APIs

            Easily retrieve large-scale data through simple calls, eliminating the need for complex web scraping code.
            • The API evades bots during scraping activities.
            • The API provides structured data output.
            • Integrate structured data directly into your workflows.
              Explore scraper APIs

              Or build your own scraping project 

              Integrate proxies with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc., without the need for complex configurations.

              Scale up your proxy usage to meet demand peaks. Ideal for SaaS developers, data intelligence gatherers, and web scrapers with complex needs.

              Simplify proxy management with a user-friendly dashboard. Control all aspects, from locations to thread management, in one central panel.

              The customer success team tailors proxy solutions to your needs, providing customizable options for your business. This ensures maximum value from SOAX services.

              SOAX proactively monitors the proxy network for optimal performance. The tech team swiftly addresses any issues, ensuring stable and reliable proxies.

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              The best proxy product - I love the sticky sessions feature.


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              Efficient and reliable - a game changer for online data management!


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              One of the most beneficial aspects of SOAX is its extensive worldwide IP pool.


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              What kinds of data are typically gathered for e-commerce purposes?

              E-commerce proxies are primarily used to scrape price data, but they are versatile and can also collect various publicly available information in bulk. They enable you to analyze customer reviews, study competitor product descriptions, and gather marketing data to help you compete effectively with other online sellers.

              What's the significance of using proxies for e-commerce data collection?

              Proxies are essential for e-commerce scraping because major online stores typically don't want to share their data openly. If they detect a scraping bot, they'll block its IP address. Fortunately, scrapers can use multiple proxies. So, if one IP is blocked, the scraper quickly switches to another, ensuring continuous access to the data you need. In cases where online stores employ advanced anti-bot systems, you can also utilize unblocking solutions to overcome their defenses and access the desired data.

              Is web scraping e-commerce sites legal?

              Generally yes, as long as you follow a few simple rules:

              • Only access public data, not private or restricted information. Stick to product pages, search results, etc.
              • Don't overload sites with an excessive number of automated requests. Use throttling, delays, and proxies to scrape responsibly.
              • Respect robots.txt rules and any opt-out requests from sites.
              • Don't share scraped data with third parties or republish it without permission. Personal use is safest.
              • Store and protect any scraped data securely.

              As long as you scrape ethically, don't disrupt sites, and use the data appropriately, web scraping e-commerce stores is legal in most countries.

              What can proxies do that web scrapers can't?

              Proxies can help avoid this by

              • Masking scraper IP addresses to prevent blocks. Sites see the proxy IP instead.
              • Rotating through many IPs to distribute requests.
              • Targeting locations to access geo-restricted content and pricing.
              • Scaling up requests across many proxy IPs for larger data collection.

              So proxies act as an extra layer to keep scrapers undetected. Scrapers get the data, proxies keep them safe. Using both together is ideal for robust scraping at scale.

              What can I use e-commerce data for?

              There are many business use cases for collected e-commerce data:

              • Competitor price and product research for market analysis.
              • Tracking price history and fluctuations to optimize pricing.
              • Monitoring high-demand items and inventory levels.
              • Analyzing product reviews and sentiment for marketing.
              • Researching SEO keywords and search ranking performance.
              • Gathering retailer product catalogs for lead generation.

              E-commerce data powers everything from competitive intelligence to price optimization and inventory planning. The applications are nearly endless.

              How do I integrate SOAX proxies into my existing infrastructure?

              Our proxies are compatible with all major scraping tools and languages like Python, Java, Node.js, etc. We provide code snippets and documentation to help you get up and running quickly. If you have a complex infrastructure, our technical team can assist with custom integrations. If you need assistance with the setup, please don't hesitate to contact us.