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Embracing the freedom of remote work and four-day weeks, our team is a lively mix of entrepreneurial hustlers, data geeks and hands-on builders. At SOAX, we're all about making more with less and delivering - fast and flawlessly.
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SOAX is where access to data and insights makes a global impact

With a mission rooted in building the most customer-obsessed product business,  we're dedicated to offering our customers unparalleled access to web data and insights in the most efficient and secure way possible.

And what's more, the rise of AI has opened up an even bigger world of opportunities for us. We believe the answer to data collection should be simplifying and automating the process, rather than adding yet another tool - enabling businesses to easily collect data from any source in a matter of minutes. With SOAX, it's as easy as it gets.  

How we invest in our team

We believe in working smart rather than adhering to strict hourly schedules. Our goal is to provide our team with an extra day of rest, allowing them to relax and free up mental space for innovative and creative thinking during their Monday to Thursday workdays.

You can work from anywhere you want, including flexible hours! Furthermore, we don't promote work-life balance in the traditional sense. Instead, we believe in work-life integration through team-building, happy hours, and event gatherings.

At SOAX, you'll thrive if you want to grow, learn, and challenge yourself. That's why we provide budgets for learning and development, including courses and books.

At SOAX, we offer both local and global opportunities, allowing you to apply your creativity to fresh challenges every day.

Enjoy the freedom to live and work wherever you choose. You can travel the world or stay put, it's up to you! And with 4 weeks of paid vacation, 9 company-wide holidays and 5 additional holidays-on-demand, you'll have plenty of time to explore!

We understand the value of compensating fairly, which is why we offer competitive salaries and benefits in GBP.

Who are SOAXers?

Our team isn't complacent; they're humble and resourceful, always striving for efficiency and effectiveness in their work. They don't rely solely on lavish resources but instead excel in making the most out of what's available.

Our team is driven and eager to learn and grow. They're not satisfied with the status quo; they're ambitious and passionate about their work, always seeking opportunities to improve and develop their skills further.

Intelligence and determination, combined. Our teams are intellectually sharp, capable, and quick learners. Their desire to succeed is matched by their ability to strategize and adapt in a rapidly changing environment.

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