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Empower secure and efficient large-scale data collection. Utilize customized proxy solutions to deliver data tailored to your specific needs.
check-icon 99.55% proxy success rate
check-icon 0.55s proxy response time
check-icon Collect data in 195+ countries globally

Fast data extraction


No programming skills required

Data collection at scale

Highly localized data

Gather authenticated local user perspectives from virtually any corner of the globe by rotating IPs across household devices, carriers, and countries. 
  • 155M Residential
  • 33M Mobile
  • 2.6M ISP
  • Datacenter proxies
    Concurrency controls

    Real-time data gathering

    High success rates at scale and sub-second response times ensure the completeness of data collection. This, in turn, contributes to sustaining the integrity of automated data feeds.
    • Structured data in JSON format
    • 99.55% success rate
    • <0.55s response time
      Traffic shaping

      Data without any restrictions

      Harvest public online information without limitations, promoting equitable data leverage capabilities for both SMBs and enterprises that may lack resources to build internal data pipelines via APIs, scraping, etc.
      • +195 geos
      • No CAPTCHAs
      • Block-free operations
        Low thread-to-IP ratios

        Maximize the potential of big data

        Easily access the SOAX platform from different devices.

        No programming or coding skills required.

        Customize your user dashboard and highlight the data you need.

        Remain undetected and prevent rate limiting with fewer threads per proxy

        Cach frequently accessed data like popular websites to decrease bandwidth expenses and increase scrape speed.

        Configure optimal scraping concurrency without overloading targets

        Obtain data from websites with heavy JavaScript components.

        Manage proxies with Scrapy, Selenium, and Python. Automate account management on platforms like Jarvee and Nimble.

        Transform the way you gather, analyze, and use data

        Data is the secret weapon for knowing what your competitors are up to.

        Detect granular shifts in preferences with social signals as an early warning system.

        Listen in on the social chatter your target audience doesn't want you to hear.

        Learn what really matters to consumers behind the scenes.

        Equip yourself with unbiased data like a secret shopper.

        Dedicated solutions for instant data access

        Starting at $6.6/GB

        Proxy Servers

        Choose from a variety of proxy types to meet your specific business needs. 
        • Rotate IPs for realistic scraping traffic and mimic real user behavior across websites.
        • For sites requiring logins, maintain sticky sessions for logged-in account scraping.
        • Avoid reusing IPs extensively which triggers bans.
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          Starting at $2.50/1k requests

          Web Unblocker

          Web Unblocker circumvents advanced anti-bot systems, ensuring high success rates, regardless of the website's complexity.
          • Unblocker analyzes bot protection systems.
          • Creates tailored solutions to replicate human actions.
          • Simulates expected actions according to system requirements.
          • Grants access upon successfully emulating human behavior.
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            Web Unblocker
            Starting at $0.175/1,000 API requests

            Scraper APIs

            Easily retrieve large-scale data through simple calls, eliminating the need for complex web scraping code.
            • The API evades bots during scraping activities.
            • The API provides structured data output.
            • Integrate formatted social data directly into your workflows.
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              SOAX proxies are an integral part of our ecosystem, seamlessly integrated into our operations. The SOAX team has become more than just a service provider; they're now a trusted partner in our journey towards sustained success.

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              One of the most beneficial aspects of SOAX is its extensive worldwide IP pool.


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              What is data collection with proxy servers?

              Data collection with proxy servers involves using proxy IP addresses to gather data from websites and online sources. Proxies help maintain anonymity, bypass restrictions, and collect data for various purposes such as SEO, marketing, market research, and competitor analysis.

              Why should I use proxy servers for data collection?

              Proxy servers offer several benefits for data collection, including:

              • Avoiding blocks and blacklists by rotating different proxy IP addresses.
              • Faster speeds with concurrent scraping threads for efficient crawling of large sites.
              • Unlimited scalability with thousands of proxy IPs for large-scale data extraction.
              • Obfuscation, which masks scrapers behind proxies to prevent detection by targets.
              • Location targeting, allowing access to geo-specific data.

              What types of proxies are available for data collection?

              SOAX offers the following proxy types for data collection:

              • Residential proxies: Proxy IPs from regular consumer ISPs that appear more human-like and are ideal for collecting data requiring authentic residential IPs.
              • Datacenter proxies: Fast and reliable connections from enterprise-grade data centers, great for large-scale data extraction.
              • Mobile proxies: Specifically designed for gathering data from mobile apps and networks.
              • ISP proxies: Target proxies from a specific ISP provider's IP block to blend in seamlessly.

              How reliable are SOAX proxy servers for data collection?

              SOAX proxy servers offer a success rate of 99.55% and a response time of just 0.55 seconds. They provide access to 155 million active IPs, ensuring reliable and efficient data collection for your online activities.

              Is my data collection private with SOAX proxy servers?

              Yes, SOAX proxy servers ensure complete confidentiality. Your real IP address is always hidden, allowing you to gather data discreetly and securely.

              Can I access data instantly with SOAX proxy servers?

              Yes, SOAX provides 5 API methods that allow you to instantly access your data. These APIs enable seamless integration with your data collection processes.

              How can I get started with SOAX proxies?

              You can sign up for a 3-day trial for just $1.99. This trial will give you access to all the features and functionalities needed for your data collection needs. Simply choose the proxy solution that best suits your requirements and start collecting data efficiently and securely.

              Is customer support available for SOAX users?

              Yes, SOAX offers global support and dedicated account managers to ensure the best customer experience. Additionally, a real-time network performance dashboard is available to monitor the performance of your proxies for data collection.

              How can I get a custom setup for my data collection goals?

              If you have specific data collection goals, you can get in touch with SOAX's proxy experts. They will create a customized solution tailored to your requirements, helping you achieve your data collection objectives efficiently and effectively.

              Are there any additional resources or FAQs available?

              Yes, you can find more information and frequently asked questions here. This section covers various topics related to data collection, proxy servers, and using SOAX services.

              Are SOAX proxy servers compliant with data protection laws?

              Yes, SOAX adheres to data protection laws, including GDPR and CCPA. The proxy servers are ethically sourced and legally compliant, ensuring the privacy and security of your data collection activities.

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