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Welcome to Ethical Data, Explained, where we delve into the world of data and data collection.

In our podcast, we aim to debunk common myths surrounding web scraping and answer burning questions like: Is web scraping legal? Is it ethical to use proxies for data collection? Why do companies scrape data? etc.
We invite tech entrepreneurs, data security experts, lawmakers, and hackers to look at data and public data collection from various points of view to unlock safe and ethical web scraping for businesses.

Join us as we chat with experts about data, web scraping, proxies, ethics, and security.

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«Create an environment that allows for efficient data collection at scale »
Henry Ng
The host of Ethical data, Explained

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About the host Henry Ng
The host of Ethical data, Explained

Henry is the VP of Business Development and Sales (& Channel Partnerships Lead) at SOAX, a provider of residential and mobile rotating back-connect proxies that help teams deliver on the goals for web data scraping, competition intelligence, SEO, SERP analysis, and more.

Henry uses his experience in network engineering, proptech, consultative sales, SaaS and sales engineering to help grow strategic partnerships worldwide. Furthermore, utilizing his sales experience to develop sales processes, teams, and strategies to help the expansion and growth of SOAX.

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