Service Level Agreement

Last updated November 18th, 2021

At SOAX, we are doing our best to deliver consistent and sustainable service to our customers. However, there are certain infrastructure-related restrictions and we (SOAX Ltd.) highly recommend that you (the Customer) read this SLA carefully, for this document will provide you with important information on the resolution of technical issues, the use of our service, the communication with our Customer Care team and your options under Dispute Resolution, Refund, and Cancellation Policy.

The Service provided to the Customer. 

SOAX provides the Customer with access to the system along with additional features. SOAX hereby guarantees general service availability subject to uptime limitations.

The Service. 

SOAX provides you with access to the SOAX website. Upon successful registration, SOAX also provides you with access to the Customer Dashboard, the Customer Support service, which is available to you within the dashboard, as well as access to the system as limited by the purchased bundle.

The System. 

The system provides you with access to SOAX infrastructure limited by GEO, connection types, and available ports. The exact limitations are available within your dashboard.

The Bundle. 

The Customer can define means of access to the system by configuring bundle access options within the dashboard.

Uptime Limitations.

Service uptime. 

SOAX ensures 99% service uptime 24/7/365, except for the period of planned technical maintenance of which the Customer will be identified in advance by means of a pop-up message on the SOAX website.

System uptime.

SOAX ensures 99% system uptime of 24/7/365, except for the period of planned technical maintenance of which the Customer will be identified in advance by means of a pop-up message on the SOAX website.

Support availability.

SOAX provides free access to Customer Support on system-related queries. You can reach SOAX Customer Support via internal Intercom chat available within your dashboard, create a support ticket in your dashboard or send an email to

SOAX does not guarantee immediate Customer Support response, but we will do our best to address your questions as fast as possible.

Connection Speed.

Internet connection quality and speed are limited by third-party Internet service providers and are out of SOAX’s control. SOAX hereby does not guarantee the quality of Internet connection to the system and/or connection speed to the Customer’s target web resource.

Technical Support.

SOAX does not provide any technical support in regards to third-party software used by the Customer and/or its compatibility with the system.


Each bundle has a monthly traffic limit. Whenever the limit is reached, the bundle is paused automatically until the start of the next billing period or until the limit is increased by the Customer. Limits depend on the bundle configuration. Please verify it before purchasing the bundle.

Traffic targeting.

The in-package customization of traffic targeting is subject to the Customer’s sole discretion and liability. SOAX guarantees IP availability at the country level. Any additional customization options – including but not limited to narrow targeting – are the Customer’s sole responsibility. SOAX hereby DOES NOT guarantee unique IP availability for targeting below country level.

SOAX uses its own GeoIP location database and does not guarantee proper functioning of any third-party GeoIP location databases.

Available Ports.

The system provides the Customer only with a restricted amount of available ports:
– 80 Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) used in the World Wide Web
– 443 HTTP Secure (HTTPS) HTTP over TLS/SSL

Open connections per port.

The number of open connections per port is limited. If the number of connections per port performed by the Customer’s software reaches its limit, the Customer’s bundle will be paused automatically.

Third-party web-resource availability.

SOAX hereby excludes any guarantee of third-party service availability within the system.