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Fast, reliable and ethical proxy servers

With SOAX, you can target proxies globally, integrate them seamlessly into your stack, and manage everything efficiently via a single dashboard. Experience high-performance proxy servers designed for the most demanding data collection needs. The insights you seek are now just a few clicks away.

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Avoid restrictions and blocks

SOAX Proxy Servers, sourced from real users and powered by smart rotation technology, ensure you stay unblocked and free from CAPTCHAs while accessing your target domains.
  • Trusted proxy network
  • Ethically-sourced proxies
  • Data collection with privacy

Increase productivity and efficiency

Achieve 99.95% success rates and lightning-fast 0.5s response times, enabling more connections and data acquisition in less time. Benefit from one of the largest proxy networks with IP addresses in 195+ worldwide locations.
  • Works well regardless of traffic scale
  • Broadest geographic coverage
  • Servers stationed globally

Comply with privacy and security regulations

SOAX's proxy network is built on real IP addresses voluntarily shared by individuals, meeting strict privacy requirements. 
  • GDPR
  • California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA)

Integrate seamlessly

Integrate proxies with a wide array of popular programming languages, including PHP, Python, .Net, Java, JavaScript, C/C++, C#, and more. For browsers, browser extensions like FoxyProxy simplify proxy configuration in just a few clicks. Detailed code samples, tutorials, and docs ensure your project is up and running quickly.
  • Code-based API for proxy management
  • Dedicated libraries and modules
  • Hands-on assistance with custom integrations
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Choose the Proxy Solution for

Your Needs

Residential Proxies

Use only real IP addresses provided by real internet service providers from all over the world (Excluding State of Texas, USA).

US ISP Proxies

SOAX US ISP network is built of residential IPs bought or leased from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for commercial use, rather than for use from private homes.

Mobile Proxies

Collect publicly available data with highly reliable mobile proxies from all over the world (excluding the State of Texas, USA).

US Data Center Proxies

US Datacenter proxies offer major advantages in speed, uptime, and scalability, making them suitable for large-scale automation.

Starting at $6.6/GB

Residential proxy servers

SOAX offers 155 million residential IPs.
Rotating random home IPs helps websites see different users, avoiding bans.
With extensive pools and IP diversity, SOAX proxies provide reliable large-scale data extraction globally.
  • 99.5% success rate
  • 0.55s response time
  • Privacy regulations compliant
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Residential Proxies
Starting at $6.6/GB

Mobile proxy servers

Unlock the largest pool of authentic cellular carrier IPs worldwide.
Rotate random mobile IPs from providers like Verizon, AT&T, and Deutsche Telekom.
Verify mobile ad campaigns and apps with unlimited IP concurrency at scale.
  • 33 million premium IPs
  • 3G/4G/5G/LTE IPs
  • Integration via 5 API methods
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mobile (1)
Starting at $6.6/GB

US ISP proxy servers

Employ IP addresses supplied by major consumer internet providers like Comcast and Vodafone.
With exclusive access to ISP IPs, ensure precise geographic targeting with consistent sessions.
Achieves an authentic consumer internet experience with ISP proxies.
  • 2.6 million IPs
  • Rotating US ISP proxies
  • Extended sessions up to 24 hours
Check out ISP proxies
Starting at $6.6/GB

Datacenter proxy servers

Leverage IPs from data center environments for fast and stable connections.
Deliver high-speed data extraction at scale across multiple proxy points of presence.
Ensure resilient and low-latency performance for various applications, thanks to the robust infrastructure of our data centers.
  • 300 000 +IPs
  • 20 000 unique C-class subnets
  • 9 ASNs
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Data caching

Features to get the data you need

99.95% uptime for extreme stability

Maintain session continuity by using the same IP address for multiple requests

Scrape using multiple protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5

Parallelize your scraping activities with unlimited concurrent requests

Automatically rotate your requests among high-performing IP addresses

Set personalised headers for each request to tailor your scraping process

Experience exceptional response time to speed up your work

Gather data from specific devices, ISPs, and locations with city-level precision

When you contact support, you'll communicate with web scraping experts

Securely authenticate API calls with a username/password.

Custom possibilities to meet your specific needs

Dedicated account managers provide personalized guidance based on your use cases, challenges, and data needs. We shape packages with tailored locations, features, and pricing to unlock the highest proxy ROI.

The real-time dashboard offers full diagnostics into your proxies with metrics like speed, failure rates, banned IPs, and more. Custom reports, alerts, and projections provide intelligence to optimize usage.

With support staff across the Americas, Europe, and APAC, SOAX proxies receive assistance via chat, email, or phone. Domain experts help troubleshoot issues within 30 minutes guaranteed. No proxies operate alone – you get a team of proxy specialists just a click away.

Extensive controls allow technically savvy users full programmatic access to configure, manage, and monitor proxies based on their infrastructure and use cases. The API transforms proxies into configurable infrastructure.

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SOAX proxies are an integral part of our ecosystem, seamlessly integrated into our operations. The SOAX team has become more than just a service provider; they're now a trusted partner in our journey towards sustained success.

Sergey Konovalov-2

Sergey Konovalov, CEO - Mobio Group

Removing geographical constraints to foster a more collaborative culture

SOAX's proxies have greatly enhanced our web testing, ensuring a seamless online experience and fostering a healthier remote work culture by eliminating geographical constraints.

Anastasiia Stepko

Anastasiia Stepko, CEO - Weljo

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SOAX is rated 4.9/5 stars on 50+ G2 reviews.

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The best proxy product - I love the sticky sessions feature.


Ibrahim B.

Efficient and reliable - a game changer for online data management!


Amr A.

One of the most beneficial aspects of SOAX is its extensive worldwide IP pool.


Estahad M.

Make multiple requests to websites without being detected or blocked, ensuring the uninterrupted collection of data for market research, competitor analysis, and other business needs. Get started now.

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What is a proxy server?

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet. It allows you to access websites and services indirectly, by forwarding your requests through its own IP address. This helps to hide your original IP address and provides additional security and privacy.

How does a proxy server work?

When you request a webpage or any online content, your device sends the request to the proxy server. The proxy server, in turn, relays the request to the destination server, fetches the content, and transmits it back to your device. This entire process enables you to access the content while keeping your IP address hidden, bypassing geo-restrictions, concealing scraping patterns, and evading bot detections.

Are proxy servers legal to use?

Yes, using proxy servers is legal in most countries. However, the legality may vary depending on the specific usage and jurisdiction. It is important to respect the terms of service of websites and services you access through proxy servers. Additionally, using proxy servers for illegal activities, such as hacking or accessing copyrighted material, is strictly prohibited.

What types of proxy servers are available at SOAX?

SOAX provides a variety of proxy servers, including HTTP proxies, HTTPS proxies, and SOCKS proxies.

a. HTTP proxies are commonly used for web browsing and are well-suited for basic text-based websites. They are great for general online activities.

b. HTTPS proxies can do everything that HTTP proxies can, but they go a step further by also handling HTTPS-encrypted traffic. This makes them perfect for accessing secure websites like Facebook and Gmail.

c. SOCKS proxies operate at the network layer, enabling them to manage a wide range of TCP/IP traffic, including web, email, messaging, and more. They offer superior versatility and can handle various types of traffic while providing advanced security and fine-tuned control, making them ideal for diverse traffic types.

How can I choose the right proxy server?

When choosing a proxy server, consider factors such as your specific use case, the level of security and privacy required, the location of the server, and the reputation of the proxy provider. Additionally, ensure that the proxy server supports the protocols and features necessary for your intended applications.

For instance, if your use case is web scraping pricing data from eCommerce sites across Europe, important criteria for choosing a proxy server would be:

1. Use Case - Web scraping at scale requires stability and speed to gather pricing data quickly without disruptions.

2. Security - Obscurity is less critical since you are scraping public pricing data. But you need to avoid blocks.

3. Location - Requires residential proxies in Europe to scrape region-specific pricing.

4. Protocols - Need SOCKS proxies to handle scraping tools and tunnel any TCP traffic.

5. Provider Reputation - A reliable provider known for web scraping support and performance.

Can a proxy server slow down my internet connection?

It is possible for a proxy server to slightly slow down your internet connection. The additional step of forwarding requests and retrieving content can introduce some latency. However, the impact on speed is generally minimal, and in some cases, proxy servers can even improve performance by caching frequently accessed content.

Can I use a proxy server on my mobile device?

Yes, you can use a proxy server on your mobile device. Most mobile operating systems allow you to configure proxy settings either globally or on a per-app basis. By setting up a proxy server on your mobile device, you can enjoy the same benefits of privacy, security, and access to restricted content as on a computer.

What are the main differences between using a VPN and proxy servers?

There are several key differences between VPNs and dedicated proxy services:

a. IP Anonymity - VPNs often use shared IP ranges, which are relatively easier to detect and block. In contrast, proxy servers offer millions of IP options, making it challenging to trace their usage.

b. Speed - VPN speeds are generally slower due to bandwidth sharing among multiple users, whereas proxies are optimized for fast speeds on dedicated infrastructure.

c. Location Targeting - Proxies allow for precise location targeting, down to the city or zip code level. VPNs typically only offer server location targeting.

d. Usage Limits - VPNs may have restrictions, such as device limits. Proxies, on the other hand, enable almost unlimited simultaneous connections and usage scale.

e. Customization - Proxies provide highly customizable server setup, configurations, and targeting options, whereas VPNs often come with preset plans.

In summary, while VPNs are suitable for general privacy protection, proxy servers offer scale, granularity, and customization. They are ideal for activities like large-scale web automation, data extraction, ad verification, and targeted geo-content access.