G2 Capterra Proxyway

Collect public data from the web at scale

Our scraping APIs take care of CAPTCHAs and blocks, so you can focus on the important work.

SERP scraping API


Get localized SERP data from major search engines


City-level results


Live, reliable data


Resilient to SERP layout changes

E-commerce scraping API


Scrape e-commerce data with raw HTML or JSON-formatted output


Hone in on critical details like titles, prices, and descriptions


Featuring support for 50+ e-commerce sites


An adaptive parser for layout changes

Social media scraping API


Scrape Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok for audience insights


No need to use your personal social media account or create fake ones


Filter social data by metrics like followers, shares, hashtags, mentions, and more


Extract geo-tagged social media data for localized consumer insights

General website crawler


The crawler supports common integration platforms and data formats such as JSON and CSV


Scrape diverse website data (text, structured content, HTML, files, documents, images, and video)


Gather relevant data based on your selected criteria


Target various websites and platforms, including CMS, forums, pricing databases, and web apps

AI Data Scraper


Builds itself using optimal strategies like APIs, browsers, headless Chrome, etc


Delivers data from a single search bar


Operates with plain English instructions and requires no coding


Cleans extracted data seamlessly on the fly to deliver analysis-ready output

Scraping tools powered by an extensive IP pool

Global proxy network

Take advantage of over 191 million ethically sourced IPs and the ability to target any country, city, carrier, and ASN. The diverse proxy network enables data scraping from almost any location while avoiding detection.
  • Scrape data from 195+ geo-locations
  • 155M HTTP(S) & SOCKS5 rotating resdential proxies
  • 33M 3G/4G/5G/LTE mobile proxies
  • 2.6M US ISP proxies with extended sessions up to 24 hours
  • High-speed datacenter proxies

    Zero infrastructure management

    All proxy and unblocking operations are seamlessly taken care of behind the scenes, saving infrastructure and resource costs and time on development, enabling adaptability and customization.
    • CAPTCHA solving
    • Browser fingerprinting
    • Automatic retries
    • JavaScript rendering
      soax easy implementation

      Enterprise-grade scaling

      Scale data harvesting operations without worries of infrastructure bottlenecks.
      • Pool adjusts dynamically to demand
      • Auto-rotations and cooling periods
      • Supports sudden spikes
      • Scale to millions of requests per day
        Residential Proxies

        Data from the most challenging targets

        Emulate a real user in any geo-location and overcome anti-scraping mechanisms.
        The broad range of proxies and built-in evasion tools enables secure scraping even from restrictive sites.
        • 100% success rate
        • 99,95% uptime
        • <2.5s response time
          Amazon (3)

          Quick start

          Adapt existing code to meet your specific needs and quickly debug errors with the assistance of the customer success team. 
          • Pre-built code samples
          • Interactive widget for testing requests
          • Compatibility with the preferred software

            Maximize your scraping capabilities

            Customize scraping requests

            Use keyword search, URL-encoded requests, or domain-specific queries. Import seamlessly into databases or tools like Excel and Google Sheets.

            • Tailored setting parameters
            • Multiple data formats
            • All programming languages and any HTTP client

              Access data from any location

              Effortlessly gather product information customized for almost any global locale (excluding the State of Texas, USA), transcending geographical boundaries.
              • Location-specific data
              • Different currencies
              • Desired language for tailored results

                Extract insights with minimal fuss

                Simplicity is at the core of SOAX's scraping tools. They are user-friendly and easy for beginners, enabling those with limited technical expertise to extract data efficiently.
                • Set your parameters, and let the APIs handle the data extraction automatically.
                • The QA team regularly monitors scrapers and parsers to ensure uninterrupted data access.
                • SOAX quickly adapts to website changes, ensuring high-quality data extraction.

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