5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Proxy Provider

Written by: Maria Kazarez

You may assume you already know everything about proxies. You’re right, they allow you to hide your real IP address when browsing the web. While that’s true with regard to casual use, let me assure you: if you’re a business owner, or a marketing/SEO professional, then you’ve just begun scratching the surface.

Proxies can offer your business so much more than just anonymous browsing. Any business, both online and offline, should constantly improve its website and advertising campaigns, perform market analysis, and collect many other data to remain competitive and discover its hidden potential.

Here are the five main reasons why your business needs to find a reliable proxy provider that can help you achieve your goals.

Do any kind of research anonymously

Let’s start with the obvious. Proxies allow you to hide your real IP address and go undercover when browsing the web.

In many cases, websites can put geographic restrictions on incoming traffic, or simply prevent certain businesses or individuals from accessing their resources. Having a large proxy pool at hand gives you peace of mind when doing any kind of online research. With proxies, you can access any website from any location and bypass geographic or any other restrictions.

Proxies can also help you access a competitor’s website without the risk of getting noticed. Let’s imagine that you want to compare the new version of a competitor’s solution to the new version of your own software. You’ve got a big team, and you need to sign up for quite a few free trials of the competing product. That’s where proxies come to help. In this particular case, proxies allow you to visit the competitor’s website from different locations and register an indefinite amount of free trial accounts under different names without the risk of getting blocked by the vendor.

There are several types of proxies that can help you collect vast amounts of data and bypass website restrictions. Residential proxies, for instance, provide you with the ability to hide under whitelisted IP addresses owned by genuine internet providers from different countries. These IPs are assigned to real devices which means that you’ll always remain well hidden and fully protected when doing your online research.

Maximum reliability with automatic IP rotation

When harvesting data, you need to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Most modern websites are equipped with advanced anti-scraping mechanisms in order to block suspicious or robot-like traffic.

Residential and mobile proxy providers offer you a large pool of IP addresses which ensures that you’ll be working with a live, whitelisted proxy and your requests will always be routed correctly whenever a proxy goes dark.

Create & manage multiple social media accounts

According to the Digital 2020 report, social media users have passed the 3.8 billion mark this year. The ever-growing number of users offers social media marketers new opportunities in terms of both organic and paid reach.

Creating and running multiple social media accounts may be an overwhelming process. Proxies can help social media marketers save time and effort when promoting their businesses or products.

Residential and mobile proxies provide you with the ability to reach your target audience by creating an unlimited number of social media accounts without the risk of getting blocked. Proxies can also help you gather behavioral data and analyze it to improve your social media marketing strategy.

Protect your business from outside threats

There’s never enough security when it comes to doing business online, and a little more investment can help a lot. That’s why many businesses turn to proxies in order to protect their online activities and resources. Proxies can help you eliminate the risk of phishing, fraud, and malware attacks by providing you with increased security and anonymity.

Enjoy faster speed & save bandwidth

When using proxies for data scraping it might seem like they’re affecting your internet speed. In fact, that’s not always true. By caching specific files and webpages as well as compressing traffic, proxies can help improve your internet speed and save precious bandwidth on the network, thus allowing you to painlessly and anonymously access any website.


As an online business owner you need to improve your strategies by analyzing large amounts of data and continue growing your company in a highly competitive environment. Proxies can offer a great load of features and benefits that can be used to remain competitive and uncover the hidden potential of your business. And for that, you need to invest in the right tool. While there are many free proxy solutions out there, it’s worth considering a paid proxy platform which ensures maximum reliability, stability, and provides top-notch customer support. Purchase affordable proxies for your business, and enjoy increased productivity, anonymity, and peace of mind.


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