How to set up SOAX's proxies in AdsPower

Written by: Maria Kazarez

This user guide is designed to provide an easy setup of our proxies.

1. First of all, you need to whitelist the IP address of your devices. It allows to authorize your requests to SOAX’s server. Click the “IP whitelist” button. You can add up to 2 IPs for free and make changes to them at any time.



2. Using login-password autorization method, you can choose any country/region/city at your wish under the password. You can also select the number of ports according to your package.


3. SOAX allows to easily export a proxy list. You can choose any country in the filter. If you want proxies of several countries, click on the “+” button to add more countries. Then click on “Download” to start exporting a list.


By default, the template of a proxy list generation request is {login}:{pass}@{domain}:{port}. So you’ll get a list that looks like this.


4. Open AdsPower and click on “Single import“.



5. Choose the proxy type: HTTP(S) or Socks 5, then fill in the information below:

Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 9000
Proxy User: LACi4Lw81nOpEY10
Proxy Password: wifi;gb

After that, click on “Check Proxy” to check if the proxy is successfully connected.


6. AdsPower allows to save the trouble of filling in the requied fields one by one. You just need to return to the dashboard, change the output template to {domain}:{port}:{login}:{pass}, and download the list.


Now the list looks like this:


7. Copy the information of one of the proxies and directly paste it in the “Proxy Host” field in AdsPower. You’ll find the other fields are automatically filled out.


8. All right, everything’s done! Open the browser profile and start working with AdsPower!



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