Proxy Server Errors: the Main Types and Ways to Fix Them

Written by: Maria Kazarez

To understand a proxy server error, one needs to understand what a proxy server is. A proxy server is a server that functions as an intermediary between the user and a webpage by receiving instructions from the user and retrieving data from the internet on behalf of the user while sending the needed information from the requested web page back to the computer of the user.  Proxy servers act as an intermediary between users and the website they want to access. The proxy server provides you with anonymity when surfing the web.

What is a Proxy Error

Simply put, the proxy error is an error that limits users from accessing certain pages on the web. A proxy server error occurs when the server fails to load or retrieve information requested by a user via a proxy service. Think about it like trying to visit a foreign country, while your visa request is rejected. No matter how much you want to go, you, sadly, can’t. The same principle applies to proxy error. You are trying to visit a particular website but you can’t  because there is an issue with connection to the intended website via your proxy.

A proxy server error is an HTTP error that can be frustrating and taunting to a user, especially when they have no idea why this is happening or how to solve such  issues. This article will discuss some typical error types you might encounter when using proxy and possible ways to  fix them.

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Main Types of Proxy Errors and How to Resolve them

 Too many visits IP ban

IPs can be prohibited on particular web pages if they’re used too frequently, resulting in proxy errors when you try to access such pages. 

To fix the IP ban, it is important to understand why the IP is banned in the first place, especially if the proxy server error occurs frequently. There are different types of proxies and chances are you are using a type that is not suitable for your tasks. For instance, there are residential or datacenter proxies, static or rotating, etc. While residential proxies mask your identity and give the impression that you are accessing from a certain location, data center proxies give an impression that you are accessing from a cloud-based service and certain webpages are likely to ban the data center IP. It’s best to have a diverse proxy list and use the appropriate proxy server.

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Unreliable Provider

Sometimes, your proxy is not working simply because your proxy provider has issues on their end. Such issues  mostly occur with free proxies. In this case a solution is to upgrade to paid proxies from a reliable proxy service provider. SOAX, for instance, guarantees high connection success rate, while having access to  an impressive pool of 8.5 mln residential IPs.

Wrong Proxy connection

You might encounter an error message notifying you that there is a problem with a proxy server or that the address is incorrect. These messages are always very specific and will occasionally give you a step-by-step instruction on how to tackle the situation. Updating proxy settings or proxy server troubleshooting usually helps. 

Proxy server Error

Is the issue of proxies not connecting. This is usually a result of data loss between the proxy server and your personal computer or mobile device. There are many reasons why this issues can occur. What you can do first is to check your internet connection, as a poor internet connection can often cause such errors. Simply rebooting your router can sometimes be enough to resolve the proxy server issues. If it didn’t help, your next suspect is your antivirus system, as it can interfere with the work of a proxy server. While both the antivirus and the proxy server protect you from cyberattacks and security breaches, antivirus can treat a proxy server as a threat to its security. Try temporarily disabling your antivirus while the proxy server is in use to see if it changes anything. If nothing helps, reach out to your proxy provider, they should assist. 

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If errors continue to pop up and troubleshooting does not seem to have long-lasting effects, it is recommended to reconsider your source of proxies. Trustworthy and reliable providers do a great job of minimizing your stress related to errors, low success rate or speed of proxies.  SOAX, for instance, put a lot of emphasis on the quality of user experience and always ready to assist with any issues.

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