What is a Backconnect Proxy?

Julia Smith
Julia Smith
Community manager @ SOAX01 May, 2022
Competitors’ prices, keywords used for SEO, special offers run for various locations – these and other valuable bits of information can be gathered online. The question is how to collect such data efficiently and safely. Web scraping can be a great automated solution for this task leading to the advancement of any business. However, the extraction of large quantities of information can trigger IP blockages. This is when a backconnect proxy is extremely handy. Let’s explore what it is, how it works, and what are the pros and cons of using it.
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Definition of a Backconnect Proxy

A backconnect proxy is a server providing access to the pool of different proxies that rotate automatically while the connection is being used. Such a shifting pattern allows not only to hide the user’s real IP address but also ensures new IPs are utilised for the requests to the targeted websites. Rotation can take place at each request sent or at set regular intervals. Such approach doesn’t trigger warnings, so the IPs don’t get blocked, and the tasks get completed. It makes residential proxies even more beneficial for business.

How Does a Backconnect Proxy Work?

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If there are no proxies at all, or if a single proxy is used for web scraping, soon the activities will get noticed and stopped by the investigated website. That can even mean a permanent ban for your IP.

When using the backconnect proxy service each request is sent through a new IP. Essentially, to a targeted website each connection seems like a new person from a different location. The rotation of IP addresses can also be set to happen at short intervals or upon completion of a particular number of requests in a row.

This means that a backconnect proxy server sends the request on the user’s behalf, hiding the real IP. It goes through one of the numerous proxies available within the pool. It reaches the targeted website, that in return provides required data, which goes back to the user through the same proxy. Later the operation repeats with the new request and the new proxy acting as a buffer.

This process allows avoiding both rate- and IP blocks. The IP block occurs when the requester’s IP is from a forbidden location, a prohibited type of IP is used, or activity is deemed suspicious. Rate-blocking can be triggered by exceeding the limits of requests allowed per IP or a period of time.

What are the Advantages of Using a Backconnect Proxy?

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  • Great speed:

Backconnect proxy uses an automatic rotation of IP addresses, so the user doesn’t have to waste time changing any settings manually. It also provides good speed.

  • No rate limits:

A constant rotation of IP addresses is an ultimate feature of backconnect proxies. This process allows sending out multiple requests per minute without worrying about  triggering red flags on the target website. So, you can harvest more information in a shorter period of time.That makes web scraping more efficient.

  • Enhanced anonymity:

Backconnect proxy server rotates IP addresses on a constant basis making the user’s IP virtually untraceable. 

  • Better security:

A protective wall built by backconnect proxy works both ways. It hides users’ real IPs and protects users from malicious content that might be coming their way.

What are the Disadvantages of Using a Backconnect Proxy?

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  • Cost:

Good perks mentioned above do come at a price. Increased anonymity and security, better speed and no rate limits cost more than regular proxy services. Backconnect proxy service is a great choice for web scraping but might be an overkill for regular web browsing. So do your research, maybe you can opt for something simpler and cheaper.

  • Speed challenges:

Backconnect proxies are usually very fast, speed is actually one of their main advantages. However,  physical distance between all the servers involved in a request might affect the speed. Choosing backconnect proxy servers closer to your actual location or servers of targeted websites might help fix that.

Backconnect proxies facilitate harvesting web data through scraping in a safe, secure and reliable way and are a great choice for businesses. If you are not yet 100% sure, SOAX support team can help you check whether it is the right fit for you.