KYC & Compliance

Why KYC?

Knowing the customer’s identity and precise use-case scenario helps to assure that proxy is used only for legit and ethical business cases and through that it helps to keep the Internet safe.

KYC goals are:

  • Verify SOAX client identity
  • Assess legitimacy and risks
  • Prevent and detect harmful activities

How it works

Usually, it just takes a couple of minutes. If you’re a private person, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old and have a government-issued ID document.

  • KYC applies to all customers, with no exceptions. The policy covers all new and existing customers.
  • The customer is assessed for compliance. This means that in some cases our compliance team might ask for more details to perform due diligence.
  • Right to refuse the service. We have the right to deny the services when finding the customer doesn’t comply with our safety procedures and policies.


  • All KYC data is kept safe and private with regards to Privacy Policy.
  • KYC helps to prevent crimes and harmful actions and thus maintains public safety.
  • Illegal use is strictly prohibited.
  • Only presumably safe resources are available by default (still after bypassing KYC procedures).
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