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Self-building AI scraper with a natural language interface

An AI scraper that requires no coding and builds itself from plain English instructions - just describe the data you need extracting.

AI-scraper with natural language processing

The capability to decode natural language requests is what enables the AI search bar's flexibility. The result is a custom scraper fine-tuned to deliver your ideal dataset from a single search bar.
Natural language

AI-powered scraper that builds itself

The AI-scraper uses optimal strategies like APIs, browsers, headless chrome etc. based on the site to avoid anti-bot systems, such as CloudFlare, DataDome, etc. that make scraping prone to blocking and limit data volumes.
Self building

Data cleaning and post-processing on the go

Traditional scrapers dump raw, messy data. The AI scraper cleans extracted data seamlessly on the fly to deliver analysis-ready output.
Data cleaning

Natural language processing

The AI scraper provides a single search bar to scrape any domain or data type.

Describe what you need in plain English input - domain names, data types, filters, etc. Our proprietary natural language processing decodes this into precise scraping parameters.

The AI scraper analyzes website content and structures to automatically extract your desired data. It handles all the complexities of code and automation strategies behind the scenes.

Self-healing AI scraper

Existing scrapers struggle with complex sites, lack customization, and break easily - requiring constant engineering work. SOAX’s AI scraper adapts on the fly to layout changes without missing a beat.

No training data is required from your end. Our AI scraper has already been trained on millions of web pages to understand any site. We handle all the training ourselves.

The AI scraper monitors site layouts and automatically adapts extraction rules when elements like buttons, links, menus etc. get moved around.

Real-time data refinement and post-processing

The AI scraper automatically matches and reconciles related records across sources to avoid mismatches. Whether it's product SKUs, real estate listings, academic papers, or government reports, the scraper unifies data points.

The scraper also de-duplicates extracted data in real-time to avoid duplicate records. It removes any duplicate jobs, cars, hotels, stocks, etc. while scraping to output a dataset without duplicates.

For complex sites like Amazon, YouTube, ESPN, with millions of interconnected pages, the AI scraper seamlessly navigates the underlying architecture to output clean data. The result is structured, analysis-ready data tailored to your use case, without time wasted on post-processing.

Multi-domain scraping with AI

Traditional scrapers require separate configurations for each site. The distributed scraping architecture scales seamlessly across sites by spinning up parallel scrapers. You can scrape 10k domains simultaneously without building a unique scraper for each.

The AI-scraper learns and evolves CAPTCHA-solving capabilities through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and computer vision algorithms. The more CAPTCHAs it encounters, the better it gets at pattern recognition.

The AI scraper handles the scaling seamlessly in the background. It spins up the optimal number of parallel scrapers to match your needs, with no additional setup required.

Get your custom dataset in minutes.
The AI scraper delivers results with just a text description. Simply describe the data you want in plain English and the AI-smart scraper will do the rest.


What types of data can your AI scraper extract?

The AI scraper can extract all kinds of unstructured data from the web - product info, prices, reviews, jobs, real estate listings, sports stats, academic papers, and more. As long as the data is publicly available online, our AI can be customized to extract it.

How does the AI scraper handle site changes and blocking?

The scraper monitors sites and adapts in real-time to layout and markup changes. It also uses evasive tactics to avoid bot blocking - mimicking human behavior, respecting crawl delays, and more. This enables continuous scraping without disruptions.

What level of scale and throughput is possible?

The distributed scraping architecture allows running hundreds of parallel scrapers to match your data needs. You can scrape 10,000 sites without engineering any scrapers yourself.

How secure and compliant is the scraping?

SOAX operates under strict data compliance policies like GDPR and CCPA. Scraping is done in a transparent manner, and we can customize our scrapers to respect robots.txt rules as needed.

What are the pricing models available?

We offer flexible pricing tiers based on the number of domains for your monthly scraping needs and the price for every 1000 pages.

How does the AI scraper compare to traditional scraping?

Unlike traditional scrapers, the AI scraper self-learns and adapts to site changes automatically. The natural language interface also makes it far easier compared to scrapy coding.

Do I need to provide any training data?

No training data is required from your end. Our AI scraper has already been trained on millions of web pages to understand any site. We handle all the training ourselves.

What support options are available?

We provide support via live chat, email, and phone. You get access to scraping experts to answer any questions that come up during your project.