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Scrape thousands of websites at once with AI Scraper

AI Scraper is an advanced web scraper that uses artificial intelligence to find and extract data for you. It relies on plain English instructions, so you don’t need to code a single line.

Next generation web scraping

AI Scraper can scrape thousands of websites without the need for custom instructions for each domain. Because it's powered by AI, this scraper can both build and heal its own APIs, ensuring a successful connection every time – even if a target website changes its defense system or data structure. 
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Natural language

No-code web scraping

Our AI web scraper takes instructions in plain English, and does the rest itself. The web scraper understands your instructions and sets up the scraper automatically. This means you can get all the data you need, from any online resource, without any technical skills. You won’t have to write a single line of code.
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Self building

Scrape thousands of domains at a fraction of the cost

Traditional scraping APIs can scrape only a single website, and you need to manually rebuild them when the target domain changes its structure or defense systems. AI Scraper can scrape thousands of websites by itself, even if they have very different defense systems, because it builds and adjusts the APIs itself.

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Data cleaning

Evade anti-bot systems

AI Scraper uses a combination of tools including APIs, browsers, and headless Chrome to extract data from your target websites, depending on the website’s defense systems. It will continuously adjust its approach until it is able to get past any anti-bot measures the website uses.

The AI scraper uses proxies and browsers to make it difficult for websites to detect that its activity is automatic rather than human.

The AI scraper can evade anti-bot systems such as Cloudflare and DataDome that make scraping prone to blocking or data limits.

The scraper evolves its ability to solve CAPTCHAs through optical character recognition. The more CAPTCHAs it encounters, the better it gets at solving them.

Clean data, every time

Traditional scrapers return payloads of raw, messy data. AI Scraper saves you time in post-processing by removing duplicates and matching related records across domains to deliver clean, ready-to-use data in any format


For example, AI Scraper can remove duplicate jobs it finds on different recruitment websites, match product SKUs across online marketplaces, or consolidate customer reviews from hotel comparison sites.


AI Scraper use cases

Match prices and product information across multiple ecommerce sites

Consolidate and monitor brand mentions from all over the web

Compare prices per location across your target currencies and languages

Monitor the web to protect intellectual property and minimum pricing rules

Streamline background checks and aggregate job listings across recruitment websites

Monitor prices and stock availability to optimize your reselling strategy

Collect any data you need quickly and easily.

Collect insights and trends in real-time to stay ahead of the market

Natural language processing

AI Scraper uses proprietary natural language processing to decode your plain English instructions into precise scraping parameters. You simply enter your requirements into the scraper’s search bar and AI Scraper automatically extract the data you need.


For example, you can use the search bar to specify:

  • Domain names
  • Types of data
  • Any necessary filters
  • Data structure and format
    Natural language

    AI Scraper benefits

    Our distributed scraping architecture scales seamlessly by creating multiple scrapers that work in parallel.

    Scrape tens of thousands of websites simultaneously without building a unique scraper for each domain.

    We will set up the AI scraper for you, so you can start scraping data straight away.

    You won’t need to do any additional engineering – the scraper can adapt to website changes and fix itself.

    AI Scraper learns how to solve CAPTCHAs through optical character recognition and continuously improves itself.

    You don’t need to provide any training data. We trained the AI scraper on millions of pages, so it can understand any website.

    AI Scraper delivers results with just a text description. Simply describe the data you want in plain English and the scraper will do the rest.


    What types of data can your AI scraper extract?

    The AI scraper can extract all kinds of unstructured data from the web - product info, prices, reviews, jobs, real estate listings, sports stats, academic papers, and more. As long as the data is publicly available online, our AI can be customized to extract it.

    How does the AI scraper handle site changes and blocking?

    The scraper monitors sites and adapts in real-time to layout and markup changes. It also uses evasive tactics to avoid bot blocking - mimicking human behavior, respecting crawl delays, and more. This enables continuous scraping without disruptions.

    What level of scale and throughput is possible?

    The distributed scraping architecture allows running hundreds of parallel scrapers to match your data needs. You can scrape 10,000 sites without engineering any scrapers yourself.

    How secure and compliant is the scraping?

    SOAX operates under strict data compliance policies like GDPR and CCPA. Scraping is done in a transparent manner, and we can customize our scrapers to respect robots.txt rules as needed.

    What are the pricing models available?

    We offer flexible pricing tiers based on the number of domains for your monthly scraping needs and the price for every 1000 pages.

    How does the AI scraper compare to traditional scraping?

    Unlike traditional scrapers, the AI scraper self-learns and adapts to site changes automatically. The natural language interface also makes it far easier compared to scrapy coding.

    Do I need to provide any training data?

    No training data is required from your end. Our AI scraper has already been trained on millions of web pages to understand any site. We handle all the training ourselves.

    What support options are available?

    We provide support via live chat, email, and phone. You get access to scraping experts to answer any questions that come up during your project.