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E-commerce scraping API

Empower your data-driven e-commerce strategies by accessing real-time bulk data. Delegate proxy management, scraping, and parsing tasks to SOAX, gaining a market edge.

Works on popular platforms such as:

Flawless e-com data collection

Maintenance-free API

No need to worry about manual rules. Proxies are rotated. Unsuccessful requests are automatically restarted. 
  • No crawlers, scrapers, or parsers are needed
  • Integrate structured JSON or raw HTML data directly into your workflows
  • Proxy-like setup
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    Automated data extraction

    Set the desired parameters and let the APIs handle the data extraction process. Automatically save time and eliminate the need for manual input. 
    • Integrated browser fingerprint technology
    • Headless scraping
    • No CAPTCHAs, no blockage
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      Top 50 e-commerce platforms

      Access precise product details from top marketplaces and stores, receiving real-time data from various page types, including search results and product descriptions.
      • Amazon
      • Walmart
      • eBay
      • AliExpress
      • Etsy, etc.
        Scrapein Amazon Search Scraper API

        Seamless data access

        Distributed infrastructure ensures seamless scalability of API requests, maintaining uninterrupted performance even during high-volume activities, such as large-scale analysis.
        • 100% success rate
        • 99.95% uptime
        • <2.5s response time
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          What Customers are Saying

          I've been using SOAX'
          E-Commerce Scraper API and it's transformed the way we collect data.

          We only pay for the results we get, and the data quality is exceptional. The setup was easy, gathering localized data across various marketplaces is now a breeze, and their 24/7 support is always there when we need it.

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          Andre Kuzminikh, CTO Pygmalion.AI, Tech Partner Aola.AI

          E-com data extraction 
          at scale

          Get started by converting your requests into production-ready code snippets in Python, Node, C#, etc to integrate APIs fast.

          Access location-specific data when you want to emulate a user in any desired location and see a specific page from a different country.

          Obtain real-time information, accessing the latest data as it becomes available.

          The API swiftly adapts to website changes, ensuring uninterrupted access to specific webpage information, elements, tags, or sections.

          Maximize your scraping capabilities

          Customize API filters

          Customize language, domain, and response encoding parameters to tailor your requests for the most relevant data.
          Import seamlessly into databases or tools like Excel and Google Sheets.
          The API facilitates effortless data retrieval with any HTTP client.
          • Tailored setting parameters
          • Multiple data formats
          • All programming languages

            Access data from any location

            Effortlessly gather product information customized for almost any global locale (excluding the State of Texas, USA), transcending geographical boundaries.
            • 195+ geos
            • Country or zip code targeting
            • Location-specific data
            • Different currencies
            • Desired language for tailored results
              Web unblocker

              ML Adaptive Parser

              No need to develop or maintain your own scraper. Eliminate concerns about proxy rotation or markup changes.
              • The API manages JavaScript rendering
              • The API provides refined data output
              • Retrieve data from multiple pages and concentrate the results into one response

                Make the best use of the e-com API

                See your competitor product listings, and their stock availability and boost your own business.

                Monitor product inventory status and collect assortment data. Discover new categories and products to compete in.

                Monitor real-time pricing changes for identical products on Amazon. Adapt your pricing strategy accordingly.

                Identify market trends and what influences them. Monitor consumer demand.

                Extract product titles, descriptions, and features to generate engaging content.

                Monitor ratings, reviews, and customer feedback and stay updated on the perception of specific products or brands.


                What is e-commerce data scraping?

                E-commerce data scraping refers to the process of extracting publicly available product data from e-commerce marketplaces or standalone shops.

                How long does e-com API take to give the results back?

                Typically, the API returns results in less than 10 seconds on average. Explore it with a $1.99 trial and access various code samples available in our guides.

                Does the API have any usage limits?

                Yes, the API has usage limits based on the chosen pricing plan. Each plan includes a specific number of monthly requests. If you surpass this limit, additional requests can be purchased.

                Are there constraints on the number of concurrent requests allowed?

                The API allows for multiple concurrent requests; however, the number depends on your chosen plan. We can provide up to 1 billion (1000M) requests per month and scale up rapidly as needed.

                How to use e-com API?

                This API serves as a proxy solution for web scraping, streamlining the process at scale. It simplifies scraping by eliminating the need to find high-quality proxies, manage rotating proxy pools, handle ban detection, solve CAPTCHAs, and manage geo-targeting and JavaScript rendering. With this API, you can effortlessly send a request to the simple REST API interface, and we will promptly return the structured JSON or raw HTML response from the target website.

                Need to Scrape E-commerce Sites Without Getting Blocked?