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Real-time SERP data from major search engines

Retrieve global SERP data with a 100% success rate, obtaining results in JSON, HTML, or CSV formats. Convert result pages into actionable data insights.

Flawless SERP data collection

Automated data extraction

Set the desired parameters and let the APIs handle the data extraction process. Automatically save time and eliminate the need for manual input. 
  • Integrated browser fingerprint technology
  • Headless scraping
  • No CAPTCHAs, no blockage

    Maintenance-free API

    No need to worry about manual rules. Proxies are rotated. Unsuccessful requests are automatically restarted. 
    • No crawlers, scrapers, or parsers are needed
    • Integrate structured JSON or raw HTML data directly into your workflows
    • Proxy-like setup

      Seamless data access

      Distributed infrastructure ensures seamless scalability of API requests.
      Maintain uninterrupted performance even during high-volume activities, such as large-scale analysis.
      • 100% success rate
      • 99.95% uptime
      • <2.5s response time

        SERP data extraction
        at scale

        Extract data from all markup points on a webpage, specific elements, tags, or sections.

        Avoid CAPTCHAs and IP blocks while scraping by using residential, mobile, US ISP, and datacenter proxies.

        Get started by converting your requests into production-ready code snippets in Python, Node, C#, etc to integrate APIs fast.

        Access location-specific data when you want to emulate a user in any desired location and see a specific page from a different country.

        Gain instant access to the latest information as it becomes available, crucial for obtaining real-time results.

        With mobile devices everywhere, the API lets you see results like a mobile phone or tablet user.

        Maximize your scraping capabilities

        Customize API filters

        Customize requests using keyword search, URL-encoded requests, or domain-specific queries.
        Import seamlessly into databases or tools like Excel and Google Sheets.
        The API facilitates effortless data retrieval with any HTTP client.
        • Tailored setting parameters
        • Multiple data formats
        • All programming languages

          Access data from any location

          Effortlessly gather product information customized for almost any global locale (excluding the State of Texas, USA), transcending geographical boundaries.
          • 195+ geos
          • Country or zip code targeting
          • Location-specific data
          • Different currencies
          • Desired language for tailored results
            Web unblocker

            ML Adaptive Parser

            No need to develop or maintain your own scraper. Eliminate concerns about proxy rotation or markup changes.
            • The API manages JavaScript rendering
            • It evades bots during scraping activities
            • The API provides refined data output
            • Retrieve data from multiple pages and concentrate the results into one response

              SERP API for any type of SERP data

              Fetch information on rank placement, verify the presence of PPC advertisements for selected keywords, and enhance your SEO tracking.

              Gather news article titles, summaries, main text, publishing dates, authors, URLs of associated multimedia content, primary visuals, and more from multiple sources on the internet.

              Retrieve image-related information such as reverse image, image lookup, title, source, thumbnail, resolution, and more.

              Get data such as video titles, descriptions, URLs,durations, views, likes, dislikes,and more.

              Retrieve contact information such as telephone numbers, addresses, customer reviews, and web domain names for businesses located nearby.

              Gather publicly available information about product titles, costs, specifications, reviews, and advertisements to conduct market analysis, track pricing, and match products.

              Unlock the full potential
              of the SERP API

              API playground

              Set multiple parameters for a personalized search experience and get started by converting your requests into production-ready code snippets.
              • API promptly reacts to algorithm updates or any other changes on the target websites.
              • Provide a target URL or a few input parameters, and the API will handle the URL formation automatically.
              • Add or omit parameters as needed, and expand the possibilities beyond basic query setup.
                Amazone. Product-1-2

                API documentation with a visual editor

                Know all you need to know about APIs' functionality. Run sample queries and experiment with different scenarios.
                • Preset parameters and example queries provided
                • Toggle between HTML and JSON versions of an element by clicking on it.
                • Generate dynamic code samples directly from the docs

                  Make the best use of SERP scraping API

                  Examine the search engine standings of particular keywords and websites, pinpoint the highest-ranking pages, and assess their attributes to boost a website's position.

                  Gain valuable insights into market trends, customer behavior, and preferences through the analysis of search results for specific products or services.

                  Extract contact information from search results and generate leads for sales and marketing purposes.

                  Collect keyword data such as search volume, competition, and ranking difficulty to help with keyword research and SEO strategy.

                  Track mentions of a brand, product, or service in search results, providing insights into online reputation, sentiment, and customer feedback.

                  Track and analyze paid ads on search engine result pages, including ad copy, position, and performance metrics, to help optimize ad campaigns and improve ROI.


                  What is a SERP API?

                  The SERP API is a tool that automatically adapts to evolving search engine algorithms and structures, delivering authentic user results with customized search parameters. With the SERP API, you can access precise and high-volume data in JSON or HTML format without facing location-based blocks. This API provides results from major search engines, offering a broad array of search parameters to extract the required data with optimal accuracy and speed.

                  How does SERP API differ from proxies?

                  SERP API and proxies are different in that SERP API provides a complete solution for web scraping, while proxies only offer a pool of proxies. With SERP API, you get a full-stack solution that includes a network of millions of proxies and a web scraper and data parser. This approach is not only more convenient but also more cost-effective than using multiple tools. So, if you want to streamline your web scraping process and avoid the hassle of using additional tools, SERP API is the way to go.

                  What advantages does SERP API offer?

                  SERP API allows you to retrieve real-time search results from all major search engines using various search parameters, with 100% success rates, and regardless of the number of requests you make. You only pay for successful requests and enjoy fast response times under 5 seconds. By using location parameters, you can automatically target a suitable peer to obtain valuable business insights. Additionally, you can use various devices and search types to enhance the accuracy of your search.

                  How accurate is the data provided by SERP API?

                  The accuracy of the data provided by SERP API is high. However, it is worth noting that the accuracy may vary based on various factors, such as the complexity of the search query, the number of results, and search algorithms.

                  What are the system requirements for using the SERP API?

                  SERP API is compatible with most software programs and scripts. However, if you have any doubts or questions, you can always contact the support team for assistance.

                  Does SERP API have any usage limits?

                  Yes, usage limits are based on the pricing plan that you choose. Each plan comes with a certain number of requests per month, and once you exceed that limit, additional requests can be purchased. 

                  How scalable is the service?

                  SOAX is committed to meeting high demands and volumes for users. With the SERP API, you can handle a large volume of requests simultaneously. Its infrastructure is specifically designed to manage high-traffic loads and can be scaled up or down based on your requirements. We are capable of providing up to 1 billion (1000M) requests per month and can rapidly scale up as necessary.

                  Are concurrent requests possible?

                  SERP API allows you to make multiple concurrent requests, but the number of concurrent requests you can make depends on your plan. In any case, for basic plans, the number of concurrent requests is more than 100 and can be increased on custom plans.

                  Is there a trial available for the service?

                  Yes, SOAX offers a 7-day $1 trial for new users. The trial includes 100 requests for you to use and test out the features of SERP API. To start with the trial, simply contact us and follow the instructions provided.

                  Sign up and take the SERP API for a test run!