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Social media scraper API

Extract publicly accessible profiles, images, groups, job listings, URLs, and more from popular social networks at scale. Set parameters and filter the data you would like to retrieve.

Social media data extraction
at scale

No need to use personal accounts which can get banned or fake accounts which violate platform terms.

Avoid CAPTCHAs and IP blocks while scraping by using residential, mobile, US ISP, and datacenter proxies.

Get started by converting your requests into production-ready code snippets in Python, Node, C#, etc to integrate APIs fast.

Access location-specific data when you want to emulate a user in any desired location and see a specific page from a different country.

Obtain real-time information, accessing the latest data as it becomes available. Critical for monitoring emerging trends, breaking news, influencer scandals, etc without lag.

Explore insights through structured JSON or raw HTML data.

The most complete social media data

From Instagram accounts, data such as profiles, follower counts, usernames, posts, photos, and hashtags can be extracted.

Data extracted from X accounts includes profiles, usernames, posts, search results, followers, and liked tweets.

Various data types, including profiles, posts, following, followers, likes and interests, comments, media, hashtags, and business page information, can be extracted from Facebook accounts.

Data extracted from LinkedIn accounts includes profile information, job experience, education, skills, recommendations, connections, company details, job postings, posts, and groups.

Flawless social media data collection

Automated data extraction

Set the desired parameters and let the APIs handle the data extraction process automatically saving time and eliminating the need for manual input.
  • Integrated browser fingerprint technology.
  • Concentrate data from multiple pages into one response.
  • Headless scraping.
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Maintenance-free API

No need to worry about manual rules or any markup changes. Proxies are rotated. Unsuccessful requests are automatically restarted.
  • No crawlers, scrapers, or parsers are needed.
  • Integrate structured or raw HTML data directly into your workflows.

Quick adaptation to changes

The API promptly reacts to algorithm updates or any other changes on the target websites providing uninterrupted access to the data you need.
  • Extract all the information available on a specific webpage.
  • Extract data from all markup points on a webpage, specific elements, tags, or sections.
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Seamless data access

SOAX distributed infrastructure ensures seamless scalability of API requests,
maintaining uninterrupted performance even during high-volume activities like large-scale ad analysis.
  • 100% success rate
  • 99.95% uptime
  • <2.5s response time

Customized API parameters and filters

Tailor request parameters for customized language, domain, and response encoding, ensuring the most relevant data.

SOAX supports various data formats: JSON for direct database ingestion and CSV for easy import into tools like Excel and Google Sheets.

Use API with any programming language, as data can be easily retrieved with any HTTP client.

Make the best use of social media scraper API

Extract large volumes of profile data, posts, and comments to understand consumer interests, trends, and pain points discussed online.

Keep an eye on the pulse of your brand across social networks. Monitor evolving chatter and seize growth opportunities.

Build targeted lead lists by scraping social profile data filtered by job title, employer, and skills for lead gen.

Monitor competitor social media for product launches, campaigns, and partnerships, aggregating wide competitive intelligence.

Use geo-targeted scraping to analyze how well your social ad creative and messaging resonates in different regions.

Scrape influencer profiles to identify creators relevant to your niche with high engagement. Analyze their historical posts and engagement metrics.

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