SOAX Ethical Guidelines

SOAX adheres to a strict ethical code. These rules guide us in everything we do and help us guarantee our customers safe and reliable proxy services.

Your privacy and security are our top priority

At SOAX, we go above and beyond to protect your data. We advocate for transparency and are committed to ensuring the highest standards of security.  

Continuous monitoring

We believe in the power of prevention. Our team monitors all activities to ensure that we duly detect any unethical or suspicious behavior.

Mandatory identity verification

We verify the identity of every client who uses SOAX proxies. This process helps us guarantee that every account follows our ethical guidelines. 

Full GDPR compliance

SOAX is fully GDPR-compliant. Our team makes sure that your data and privacy are well protected. 

Instant response

We act promptly to solve any issues. If we detect an account involved in suspicious behavior, we cut their access to our services immediately.

Verified use cases only

We have a list of allowed use cases and make sure that all SOAX clients use our proxies ethically. No malicious behavior is permitted.

Internal safeguards

Our team carefully investigates every report of abuse. Every case is handled individually and with the utmost attention. 

We provide 100% white-listed real IP addresses

We deeply care about your privacy and security but we also make sure that we meet obligations toward all our partners, including peers.

Only legitimate IP addresses

SOAX proxy network consists of real devices. Owners of such devices are called peers.

Full consent and open communication

SOAX ensures that all peers have expressed consent, are fully informed about their rights, and can easily opt out of the program. 

Responsible use of devices

We guarantee that devices are used for traffic rerouting only when idle. We avoid creating any inconveniences for our peers or damaging the device’s performance in any way.

Data privacy

We don’t use personal data and make sure that privacy is not violated at any point.

We go an extra mile to meet and exceed industry standards

At SOAX, we want to provide you with the best services. We carefully listen to your feedback and continuously deliverwork on product enhancements. 

Excellent customer support

We provide 24/7 multi-language support. Our team is always here to help you get answers quickly and find the best solution that fits your needs.

Product quality and innovation

We constantly work on improving our product and making sure that it meets and exceeds your expectations. 

Net neutrality principles

We believe in the power of open and equal internet for everyone and in the importance of treating all data fairly.