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Scrape any website with Web Unblocker

Web Unblocker automatically bypasses even the most sophisticated anti-bot systems, so you can get the data you need without wasting time on proxy management.

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Scrape any website automatically

Get the data you need in less time and with fewer interruptions. SOAX’s Web Unblocker ensures a successful connection for even the most difficult websites.
  • Automatically retries failed requests
  • Rotates browser fingerprinting
  • Switches IP addresses for you
  • Manages cookies and headers
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    Scrape the web without getting blocked

    What is Web Unblocker?

    Web Unblocker is an advanced data collection tool that combines proxy management, web scraping capabilities, and restriction-bypassing techniques to help you extract data from the internet. It uses our large pool of proxy IPs to automatically rotate proxies for you, removing proxy management from your workload.
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    What is Web Unblocker

    Web Unblocker features

    Web Unblocker automatically retries failed requests and switches IPs for a successful connection.

    Web Unblocker automatically alters and adjusts HTTP headers to legitimize your browsing activity.

    Web Unblocker uses smart browser fingerprinting management to prevent websites recognizing you.

    Web Unblocker will bypass CAPTCHAs and other restrictions so you can scrape without interruption.

    You can use Web Unblocker to access and scrape data from 195 countries.

    Web Unblocker can easily extract data from interactive websites with dynamic content, including JavaScript.

    Web Unblocker manages your cookies to bypass restrictions without compromising your session integrity.

    You can optimize specific tasks with custom logic for supply, according to your target resource.

    Block-free web scraping

    Web Unblocker intelligently bypasses blocks, including CAPTCHAs, and automatically retries failed requests through different nodes until it establishes a successful connection. Web Unblocker can navigate sophisticated anti-bot restrictions, including:

    • Cloudflare
    • Incapsula
    • Datadom
    • Imperva
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      Why use Web Unblocker?

      Integrate Web Unblocker with your existing proxy setup in no time at all. To start, simply replace your current proxy with Web Unblocker’s API.

      Web Unblocker frees you from the need to create, run, or maintain your scraping code and servers.

      Web Unblocker automatically retries failed requests and intelligently switches IPs, eliminating the need for manual interventions and corrections.

      Web Unblocker plans and pricing




      Price per 1k requests


      Customer Success Manager

      Up to 150k


      Based on usage


      150k - 700k


      Based on usage


      700k - 1m


      Based on usage


      1m - 2m


      Based on usage




      Based on usage

      Ethical data / Three-day trial / Cancel anytime

      Unblock the toughest websites

      We engineered Web Unblocker to handle the most challenging websites, using a combination of smart header management, cookie manipulation, proxy rotation, and browser fingerprinting. Web Unblocker unlocks notoriously difficult websites, including:

      • G2
      • Harrods
      • LinkedIn
      • Instagram
      • Alibaba

        Scrape data from around the world

        Our Web Unblocker works with our worldwide proxy pool with over 190M IPs, allowing you to scrape public data from virtually anywhere.
        • Large pool of whitelisted IPs
        • Access data in 195 countries
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          Frequently asked questions

          What is the SOAX Web Unblocker?

          Web Unblocker is an advanced proxy solution designed to eliminate interruptions in web scraping. It does this by bypassing website restrictions and anti-scraping mechanisms. You can use Web Unblocker to collect data efficiently and reliably from a variety of websites.

          What types of websites can the Web Unblocker access?

          Our Web Unblocker is capable of accessing a wide range of websites, including those with strict anti-scraping measures, e-commerce sites, interactive websites with dynamic content, and more.