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Thinking to buy a private proxy server for the USA? Take advantage of the SOAX.COM service and gain access to anonymous IP addresses. You will be able to analyze data quickly and securely to make effective decisions. Our company provides access to 8 million servers around the world.

Elite proxies
All geos available
No usage limitation
100% whitelisted

There are several packages to choose from, varying in terms of port number, targeting, rotation, cost and expiration date. You can choose your own terms and tariffs or contact our specialists for advice.

Use of proxy

Our service is ideal for private needs when a user wants to create multiple accounts on one computer or mobile device, as well as to visit web resources anonymously. Businesses also need an individual IP address to effectively organize their online activities. It can be used to collect and process data by circumventing protection while parsing.

Using anonymous addresses from real providers minimizes the risk of being blocked. You will be able to visit sites from anywhere in the world, check advertising placement, analyze search results, compare prices for goods and services with competitors, as well as optimize your resource.

In our organization, you may buy IP proxy address for the US at an affordable price. In the presented pool, smartphones with installed applications from our partners are used as nodes. Proxying of your requests is carried out via the integrated SDK technology. The list presented by us includes servers located not only in Russia, but all over the world. Choose IP addresses of proper operators offering Internet connection via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE mobile communication.

Our company offers you to test our product absolutely for free. To do this, please register on our website and choose the option you need. You can check the functionality within one hour. This will allow you to realize the effectiveness of our system.

Service benefits

We try to provide the best service to our customers by way of:

  • providing full access to right after payment;
  • fast registration via a messenger account;
  • targeting by state, region, city and operator;
  • ability to back up the selected node and adjust rotation;
  • automatic change of IP address when switching to offline mode;
  • flexible pricing policy;
  • multiple payment methods.

Choose a paid proxy server for the USA on SOAX.COM and face high efficiency of your business!

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Pricing plan

Residential Proxies
Residential Proxies
Mobile Proxies

What are residential proxies for?

Price Monitoring

Analyze pricing policies and e-commerce websites. Instantly gather any data from online stores or product websites.

What are residential proxies for?

Price Monitoring

Ad Verification

Website Availability

SEO Monitoring

Data Collection

Market Research

Speed Testing

Account Registration

Our clients say it best

Every package includes

Worldwide coverage

Find proxies from any location anywhere in the world.

99.99% network uptime

Continuous access with the Soax rotation technology.

Soax proxy dashboard

Easily manage your proxies and apply geo filters.

Unlimited concurrent sessions

Work with tens of thousands of IPs simultaneously.

24/7 customer support

Get instant support via email, live chat, Telegram, or Skype.

Full compatibility

Enjoy full compatibility with most known SEO tools.

Get started with Soax now

Discover the easiest and most reliable way to collect data without the fear of getting blocked.

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