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Proxies for Growtopia

Bypass geo-restrictions, play anonymously, trade in-game items securely and easily manage multiple accounts with a Growtopia proxy server.
check-icon Fast 0.55s proxy response time
check-icon 155M+ high quality residental proxies
check-icon UDP, SOCKS5 and HTTP(S) supported as standard

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Features of our Growtopia proxies

Our UDP enabled proxies are perfectly suited for Growtopia and other games where low latency is key

Take advantage of our pool of 155m+ real residential proxies with automatic rotation as required

Our Growtopia proxies average a response time of 0.55s, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay and minimal lag

Our dashboard makes it easy to set up and manage your proxies based on your own requirements

Use Growtopia proxies to easily bypass blocks and bans, and get you back in the game

Our proxies cover 195+ countries globally with city-level targeting available in selected regions

Why use proxies for Growtopia?

Growtopia proxies can enhance your gaming experience by improving your online security and privacy. Proxies help protect your personal information, reduce the risk of getting banned by masking your IP address, and allow you to access content from different regions. This ensures smoother gameplay and access to exclusive items and events, giving you a competitive edge over other players and a safer gaming experience!
Gaming proxies

What are gaming proxies?

Proxies can unlock a range of useful features for online gamers to help them stay connected and enjoy playing without interruptions, blocks or restrictions. 
  • Access geo-restricted content
  • Ensure anonymous play
  • Set up and manage multiple accounts
  • Reduce P2P latency
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    How Growtopia proxies can improve your gaming experience

    Use proxies to manage multiple accounts and collect in-game resources such as gems and seeds

    Growtopia proxies can hide your IP address and keep your account safe and secure

    Proxies can help to reduce latency and guarantee a smoother in-game experience

    Get past blocks and geo-restrictions to access Growtopia servers from anywhere in the world

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    SOAX proxies are an integral part of our ecosystem, seamlessly integrated into our operations. The SOAX team has become more than just a service provider; they're now a trusted partner in our journey towards sustained success.

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    Sergey Konovalov, CEO - Mobio Group

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