Our Values

  • 00 Right person for the Job
    We hire people based on their mindset and attitude, not just their skills and qualifications. Like the US Rangers Delta Force, we believe in the significance of selecting “not the best men, but the right men”. We build a team of individuals who are dedicated, resilient and adaptable.
  • 01 Aim High

    We expect our team members to push beyond their limits and exceed expectations in solving problems. We believe in setting ambitious goals and taking calculated risks to achieve them. We embody the spirit of “Getting Stuff Done,” “Taking calculated risks” and “Owning our own Mistakes”

  • 02 Solution-Driven

    We surround ourselves with problem-solvers, not problem-finders. We believe in fostering a culture of innovation and proactively seeking out solutions, rather than dwelling on problems.

  • 03 Always Improving

    We approach business like a science, constantly researching, experimenting, and learning to make the best decisions. We believe in constantly seeking out new knowledge and using data to inform our decisions.

  • 04 More with less

    We prioritize automation and small, highly-effective teams over hiring. We believe in using technology and streamlined processes to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • 05 Direct Feedback

    We believe in clear and concise communication as a key driver of progress and success. We foster an environment of open and honest dialogue to build trust and collaboration among our team.

  • 06 Trust and Empowerment

    We trust our team members by default and provide them with the autonomy they need to make informed decisions, drive results and excel in their roles.

  • 07 Meetings aren't free

    Meetings are a last resort and we consider the cost before scheduling them. We believe in being mindful of the time and resources invested in meetings and ensuring they are productive and necessary.

  • 08 Customer-obsessed DNA

    We are dedicated to putting our customers at the forefront of everything we do, using an outside-in approach to understanding their needs. We make our customers’ needs a priority in every decision we make. We firmly believe in walking in our customers' shoes and going the extra mile to exceed their expectations.

  • 09 Strong opinions held loosely

    We admire strong opinions, but expect once a decision is made, we fully commit to it even if it doesn’t align with our opinion. We believe in making timely and well-informed decisions and executing on them with conviction.

  • 10 Miscommunication problems

    Companies don’t have communication problems, they have miscommunication problems. The smaller the company, group, or team, the fewer opportunities for miscommunication. As Osmo Wiio said, “If communication can fail, it will. If a message can be understood in different ways, it will be understood in just that way which does the most harm.”

  • 11 Respect for Hard Work

    We avoid assuming that tasks are easy and respect the hard work of our team members. We believe in recognizing the effort and dedication that goes into every task and valuing the contributions of all team members.

  • 12 Realistic Planning

    We believe in being realistic and pragmatic in our planning, recognizing that plans are only educated guesses. We advocate for shorter-term planning to increase accuracy and regularly reassess and adapt our goals to align with current realities.

  • 13 Companies aren’t families

    When companies say they’re a family, it’s a veiled way of demanding total sacrifice. Nights, weekends, whatever it takes for, you know, “the family”. But great companies aren’t fake families — they are allies of real families. They don’t eat into people’s personal time, they don’t ask people to dial-in during vacations, and they don’t push them to work Sundays to prepare for the meeting on Monday.

  • 14 Forget ASAP

    We believe in taking our time and focusing on quality over speed. We understand that real-time isn’t always the best time and prioritize thoughtful and thorough work over immediate response.

  • 15 Deep Work is the key

    We understand that not all hours are created equal and prioritize focused, uninterrupted blocks of time for maximum productivity and quality work. We believe in avoiding the trap of constantly switching tasks and instead focusing on deep work.

  • 16 Adaptive, not Fixed

    We believe in execution with context in mind, rather than adhering to strict consistency. We prioritize flexibility and adaptability in our processes to effectively meet the needs of the current situation.

  • 17 Be true to yourself

    We believe that a great workplace is one that reflects the diversity of the world we live in. We welcome everyone, regardless of background or identity, and encourage our team members to be authentic. We believe that diversity and inclusion lead to better ideas and solutions, and all we ask is that you bring your passion and commitment to our mission.


  • 18 Observations over Judgments

    We believe in expressing ourselves clearly and honestly, and rely on observations rather than judgments for mutual understanding. We understand that observations, when not coloured by evaluation, are much easier to receive than judgments, which are often heard as criticism.