SOAX Product Update: Introducing US Datacenter Proxies

Written by: Maximé Lafe

At SOAX, the mission is to consistently deliver the finest and most comprehensive proxy solutions.

Over the past year, our proxy network has experienced significant expansion. This growth represents a pivotal milestone in this ongoing journey, and we are excited to introduce the latest addition to our proxy family - Datacenter Proxies! 

So, what precisely do Datacenter Proxies offer?

These proxies are meticulously optimized for three key attributes: speed, stability, and security. Their robust, enterprise-grade infrastructure empowers them to excel in these aspects.

Furthermore, the economics of Datacenter Proxies offer you greater flexibility in pricing catering to your budget needs without compromising on performance.

Speed and stability

Datacenter Proxies find their home on high-bandwidth servers within enterprise-grade data centers, engineered to deliver peak performance. With no residential broadband congestion or cellular network latency to hinder connections, they keep your online activities running seamlessly.

These proxies expertly route traffic through optimized network backbones connecting data centers, ensuring rapid data transfer.

Enhanced security 

Datacenter Proxies come equipped with advanced encryption protocols, including HTTPS, TLS 1.2, and AES-256 bit. Hosted on enterprise servers designed with security in mind, they provide a robust defense against potential threats. Enterprise data centers implement firewalls and intrusion detection systems, bolstering the security of proxies.

Datacenter Proxies are often regarded as safer options for certain applications since they are not vulnerable to the risks associated with devices within a residential network that might be compromised or infected with malware.

Flexible pricing

Datacenter Proxies generally entail lower operational costs compared to Residential Proxies. The latter necessitates complex global device management t maintain a vast network of residential IP addresses, which is a more expensive endeavor.

In contrast, Datacenter Proxies find their home in data centers, known for their cost-efficiency. By often being shared among multiple customers, Datacenter Proxies offer more affordable plans.  

Why consider Datacenter Proxies from SOAX?

Web scraping and data extraction 

1. Datacenter Proxies offer faster connection speeds for efficient page rendering and data extraction. In fact, scraping tasks are 40-50% faster than with residential proxies. 

2. With uptime exceeding 99.95%, Datacenter Proxies guarantee scraping continuity without interruptions, reducing the risk of disruptions during data collection tasks.

3. The ability to scale up concurrent scraping threads as needed is crucial for efficiently managing larger scraping projects. 

4. These proxies seamlessly integrate with various programming languages like Python and JavaScript, simplifying the integration process and reducing the effort required to set up and manage scraping tasks.

SEO monitoring and SERP tracking

1. Fast connection speeds provide accurate search engine response times and page load metrics. 

2. Dedicated IPs allow uninterrupted rank tracking, bypassing search engine blocks. 

3. You can target proxies from multiple locations for geo-specific SERP tracking. A large IP pool ensures that search engines don't easily identify and devalue automated queries.

Ad verification 

1. Datacenter Proxies facilitate geographic targeting for previewing ad variations across different markets. 

2. Dedicated IPs prevent ad platform blocks that could disrupt verification. 

3. Fast speeds ensure accurate render times for ads across various sites. 

4. You can scale your ad verification efforts to match the volume and frequency needed for ongoing campaigns. 

5. Integrations with tools like Skvalex allow automated verification at the required pace.


The potential use cases are numerous. 

We encourage you to explore this latest offering and asses the firsthand experience of the speed, stability, and security that Datacenter Proxies provide. 

Maximé Lafe

Maximé brings over 8 years of impressive product leadership experience to his role as Head of Supply at SOAX. He couples analytical precision with user-centric thinking to create products that solve real-world needs. Maxim has led over 10 successful product launches during his career, including selling a startup - showcasing his versatility as a leader.

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