The Best Proxy for Facebook: Top Picks for 2023

Written by: Robin Geuens

Facebook is a great way to connect with people all over the world. That's why it's also a strong place for marketing.

But, Facebook can make marketing tough and costly for companies. This makes sense—Facebook wants to earn from it too. So, businesses find other ways to reach their customers. And Facebook tries to limit these methods.

That's when Facebook proxies become super helpful. They help get past these limits. In this guide we'll go over the best proxy services to use in 2023.

Let's get started!

Tired of Facebook banning your account?

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Top Proxy Providers for Facebook of 2023

When using Facebook with proxies, you need providers who offer robust residential proxies. Here are the top services to consider:

  1. SOAX
  2. Smartproxy
  3. Bright Data
  4. NetNut
  5. MyPrivateProxy
  6. The Social Proxy
  7. ProxyEmpire


SOAX homepage

Price: Starts from $99/month for 15GB

SOAX provides residential, mobile, US ISP, and US Datacenter proxies. With 191 million proxies, SOAX offers high-speed connections, flexible filtering, and automatic rotation. 

This makes it perfect for web scraping, ad verification, and market research. SOAX's commitment to user privacy ensures secure and untraceable digital actions. SOAX offers scalable pricing plans, making it suitable for individual users and businesses. 

With over 195 geo-locations and a Trustpilot score of 4.8 stars, SOAX is a top choice for premium proxy services. Especially for organizations and clients looking for advanced capabilities.

Tired of Facebook banning your account?

Use SOAX proxies and enjoy Facebook without limits


smartproxy homepage

Price: Starts from $14/month for 2GB

Description: Smartproxy offers a top-tier anonymous browsing experience with fast and easy setup. Their plans cater to a range of users and a intuitive dashboard enhances the user experience. With a vast pool of IPs and global coverage, Smartproxy ensures secure and reliable browsing.

Bright Data

brightdata homepage

Price: Starts from $500/month for 56GB

Bright Data is a proxy service provider established in 2014. 

They're renowned for offering an array of proxy servers (72 million IPs). As well as data collection APIs, no-code web scrapers, and pre-collected data sets. 

Bright Data is a good choice for businesses and large-scale operations.


netnut homepage

Price: Starts from $300/month for 15GB

NetNut's rotating and static residential proxies cover over 150 countries. It is ideal for users with large needs, seeking stable, fast proxies with a large IP pool. But, it's less suitable for smaller-scale users due to higher starting prices.

NetNut offers a dashboard for account management but lacks extensive browser extensions or tools. It provides an API for advanced users, although support response times may vary.



Price: Starts from $2.49/month for 1IP

MyPrivateProxy stands out as the top datacenter proxy provider.  Offering cost-effective and pre-tested proxies to ensure a seamless experience with Facebook. 

They provide shared and private proxies. The latter being the recommended choice for optimal speed and many concurrent connections. 

MyPrivateProxy has datacenters in the US and EU. They support up to 100 threads and offer unlimited bandwidth.

The Social Proxy

the social proxy homepage

Price: Starts from $133/month for 1IP

Whether you're a business, an individual, or a developer, The Social Proxy is for you if you need a privat and flexible online experience. 

The Social Proxy offers high-quality 4G and 5G mobile private proxies with servers in many countries,  . 

It suits individuals and businesses looking for secure, reliable, and fast proxies. It's good for online activities such as web scraping and social media automation. 

But, those prioritizing a larger IP address pool or lower prices may look for other options.


proxyempire homepage

Price: Starts from $15/month for 1GB

 ProxyEmpire is a big name in proxy services. They offer two kinds: residential proxies that come from home internet sources and data center proxies from large servers. 

 ProxyEmpire has a big collection of IP addresses that makes it easy to gather information from the web and handle social media jobs . Their proxies work well with the most common computer systems and programs. 

Encrypted proxies ensure that your online activities remain shielded from prying eyes. A dedicated 24/7 customer support team addresses any concerns or queries that may arise.

 This choice is all about the best proxy services that make home internet addresses better and work well on Facebook. Now, let's figure out when, who, and why someone might need Facebook proxies. 

When Should You Use Facebook Proxies?

 There are a few important times when using proxies gives you more control over what you do on Facebook: 

  • Avoid account bans: Facebook can block accounts if people do too many things, like following many people, posting a lot, or sending many messages quickly. Proxies can help hide your activities. With proxies, you can use more accounts and do more things without Facebook blocking you so fast. 
  • Access restricted content:  Sometimes, Facebook only lets people in certain places see ads, videos, and posts. Proxies let you see this stuff by making it look like your internet is coming from different parts of the world. 
  • Ad Verification:  Proxies help you see and fix your Facebook ads from all over the world. You can make sure they look right in different languages and on different devices. This helps you make your ads better and spend your money smarter. 
  • Scrape public data:   Facebook's rules for using their data are strict and only let you see a little bit at a time. If you want to collect lots of details, like full profiles, posts, and other public information, you need proxies. They help you get around the blocks that stop you from collecting lots of data at once. 
  • Manage multiple accounts:  When you're running ads or other big projects, you might need to use many Facebook accounts. Proxies help you move between these accounts without trouble, even if you're using the same internet address. They change the IP address for you, so you can take care of many business pages. You can join groups, add new friends, plan your posts, and keep an eye on chats easily. Proxies also make it simple to set up automatic actions for these tasks. 

 There are endless ways to use proxies, but really, they're like a power boost for what you can do on Facebook beyond the usual rules. But does this mean any proxy is good for these kinds of tricks? Let's see. 

Choosing the Ideal Proxy Type for Facebook

 Choosing the right proxy service for Facebook means looking at the different kinds of proxies to find the best match: 

  • Datacenter Proxies: These proxies come from big server farms and are really fast. 
  • Residential Proxies: These are real internet addresses from people's homes. They look just like the traffic from everyday users, which makes them great for not getting noticed.
  • Mobile Proxies: These proxies use internet addresses from cell phones and are pricier. But they're also very trustworthy because they come from the wide range of people who use mobile data. 

For a lot of things you do on Facebook, residential proxies are usually the best choice. They're reliable, let you pick specific targets, and work like a regular home internet connection. Mobile proxies are even more reliable and are good for very important tasks. Datacenter proxies are faster, which can be helpful too.

But even if you pick the right kind of proxy, that's not all you need to do. Facebook has smart systems to check on how you use their site. So, you can't just choose one kind of proxy; you might need to use different kinds or mix them up to stay ahead.

Rotating vs. Static Residential Proxies

Rotating Proxies:

  • Pros: IP addresses rotate randomly or based on customized rules. This avoids reusing the same IPs extensively which helps avoid bans.
  • Cons: May need to rebuild a reputation for activities like ad engagement on new IPs.
  • Use Cases: Automation, data scraping, managing multiple accounts. A media company using rotating residential proxies can create, for example, 500+ Facebook accounts to manage client pages.

Static Proxies:

  • Pros: Keep the same IP so you build up a reputation over time. Can sustain activities like running ads without disruptions.
  • Cons: Easier to detect and block if IP is used for automation across many accounts.
  • Use Cases: Maintaining stable business pages, ads, and public presence on known reputable IPs. An agency using static proxies can keep, for instance, 10+ business page IPs established long-term.

Shared vs. Dedicated Proxies

Shared Proxies:

  • Pros: Cost-effective, suitable for individuals and small businesses. A pool of IPs shared between multiple users.
  • Cons: No control over IP use by others sharing pool which may flag IPs.
  • Use Cases: General access, geo-unblocking, lighter scraping. An individual can use shared proxies to compare regional pricing differences.

Dedicated Proxies:

  • Pros: Exclusive use of IPs - activities don't impact other users. Can fully control IP reputation.
  • Cons: More expensive to dedicate proxies solely for your use.
  • Use Cases: Heavy usage like automation and data scraping at scale. An analyst can use dedicated proxies to scrape millions of public Facebook posts for sentiment analysis.

In summary, these two variations will further fine-tune your proxy selection for the task at hand. 

Useful Tips: 

  •  Always watch your performance dashboards to spot any IP addresses that are causing problems or getting blocked, so you can stop using them. 
  •  If you're running busy business pages or doing a lot of posting and messaging, try to keep it to about 3 accounts for each proxy IP to avoid getting banned. 
  •  If you're just gathering data, you can use one proxy IP for more than 10 accounts. 
  • Change your IP addresses often to stay safe. A good tip is to switch to a different IP after you finish your tasks on Facebook. 
  •  There are tools that can change your proxy IPs automatically and make sure each account uses a different one without any trouble. 

With the correct setup, proxies give you the freedom to use Facebook in ways that go beyond the official rules. The work you put in is definitely worth it!

Now, it's your turn to open up all the possibilities on Facebook with your new knowledge of proxies!

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