SOAX New Prices: Save Up to 87%!

Written by: Stepan Solovev

At SOAX, our goal is to provide you with an exceptional data collection platform. Our proxies are already known for their success rates, response times, and adherence to privacy regulations. Over the past year, our proxy network has grown significantly, and we're excited to announce that we're reducing our prices across the board to give you even more value.

Introducing New Plans

We're introducing new pricing plans that offer incredible value. The new plans are up to 87% cheaper than before, and all proxy types - residential, mobile, and ISP - are priced the same. With these new plans, you can get a proxy for as low as $2.20 per GB.

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For Existing Customers

If you're already using SOAX premium proxies, now is the perfect time to consider moving more of your proxy traffic to SOAX. Our proxies consistently outperform others, as confirmed by Proxyway and G2 reviews. Plus, our ethical sourcing practices ensure you're making the right choice from both a legal and moral standpoint.

For New Customers

For those new to SOAX's proxy network, there has never been a better time to give it a try. Start today, and you'll quickly discover why we're the preferred choice for proxy solutions.

The Path Forward

We're continuously expanding our IP offerings, adding new features, and developing new products to help you gather the data you need. SOAX Web Unblocker and Scraper APIs are currently in beta, with more exciting products in development.

Maximize your data collection capabilities with these new enhanced offerings and affordable prices.

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Stepan Solovev

SOAX's CEO and Co-founder, Stepan is an open-minded and solution-oriented person with strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Growth-driven entrepreneur focused on product management, marketing, and business development with more than ten years of experience in global tech startups, building such companies as Appodeal and Corona Labs.

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