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SOAX company is a reliable provider of residential proxies which may be used for personal and professional purposes. Our service offers you to buy a proxy from Netherlands that provide anonymity on the Internet and fast access to the resource. SOAX provides clean IP addresses ready for utilizing in the search and processing of information.

Elite proxies
All geos available
No usage limitation
100% whitelisted

Which product to choose?

Our company proudly presents three popular proxy ip products for you:

  • Residential Backconnect;
  • Backconnect Rotating;
  • Residential Rotating.

They have certain similarities in how they work. The name Residential indicates that anonymous addresses are supplied by real providers and are accessed through Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE connection. The other products provide a real-time operation and automatic change of IP address to a working one in case of disconnect.

You can find a Holland proxy in the online form on the website. Just configure the usage period, connection type, targeting and other parameters. Compare our options and choose the one that fits best for your needs.

How to register and test?

Registration and testing are to be performed in several stages:

  • Fill the registration form, indicating the individual account via the messenger used.
  • Confirm your e-mail address using the link from the e-mail (you may additionally need to validate your account with the organization’s employee at the indicated contacts).
  • Test the package before you buy it. We give our customers the opportunity to evaluate our system for 1 hour absolutely free of charge (if you need more time, please, contact us via online chat).

The registration and ordering process will take no more than a few minutes after which you can immediately apply the IP proxy from Netherlands to access the site from just anywhere in the world.

Tariffs and payment procedure

SOAX.COM has a flexible pricing policy. You will be able to use the package containing 1 country, 300 ports and Wi-Fi connection at $20 per day. A full list of addresses will be available to you. You can experience thousands of them through a day, depending on targeting and frequency of their change.

You may pay for the product by Visa and MasterCard bank card, as well as using WebMoney and PayPal electronic payment systems.

Thanks to our service it is now possible to use a proxy server for Holland on very favorable terms! Our services allow you to visit any websites you are interested in, perform SEO-optimization of resources, create accounts, monitor competitors and much more. Choose us and start your project implementation!


Choose your pricing plan

Residential Proxies
Residential Proxies
Mobile Proxies

What are residential proxies for?

Price Monitoring

Analyze pricing policies and e-commerce websites. Instantly gather any data from online stores or product websites.

What are residential proxies for?

Price Monitoring

Ad Verification

Website Availability

SEO Monitoring

Data Collection

Market Research

Speed Testing

Account Registration

Our clients say it best

Every package includes

Worldwide coverage

Find proxies from any location anywhere in the world.

99.99% network uptime

Continuous access with the Soax rotation technology.

Soax proxy dashboard

Easily manage your proxies and apply geo filters.

Unlimited concurrent sessions

Work with tens of thousands of IPs simultaneously.

24/7 customer support

Get instant support via email, live chat, Telegram, or Skype.

Full compatibility

Enjoy full compatibility with most known SEO tools.

Get started with Soax now

Discover the easiest and most reliable way to collect data without the fear of getting blocked.

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