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Access 27,140 IPs in Australia. Increase scraping speed, avoid account bans, reduce your downtime, and unblock websites.
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Secure & Private

At SOAX, we prioritize your security and privacy. Our Australian proxies give you unrestricted web access with a keen focus on safety. We uphold strict legal and ethical standards, ensuring that our Aussie proxies align with global privacy and data protection regulations. With SOAX, you can confidently navigate the web in a secure and private environment.
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Fast & Reliable

Experience the speed and stability you need with SOAX's Australian proxy network. We offer fast, reliable Australian IPs, perfect for web scraping or unrestricted browsing. Our proxies aren't blacklisted so you can count on seamless, uninterrupted connections. Get ready for efficient, high-speed internet access with SOAX.
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"We've had the opportunity to try various proxy providers in the past, but none have impressed us as much as SOAX."
From the very beginning, it was evident that SOAX was the ideal partner for us. Their proxies consistently outperformed others in terms of response rate and connection time, which is crucial for our application's reliability and user experience.
portrait of Anastasiia Stepko
Anastasiia Stepko
CEO — Weljo

Why Companies Choose SOAX

Customer Support

Our experienced team provides the most comprehensive assistance to solve any issues and to ensure you make the most of our services.


We can support up to 20k concurrent sessions and are scalable upon request


We provide affordable and flexible pricing options for any size of business and your specific needs

IP Pool

SOAX provides an IP pool of residential, mobile and ISP proxies with comprehensive targeting settings - country, region, city, ISP


Easily integrate our proxies in your current workflow


Target entire regions, specific countries, or target cities in Australia
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Scrape the Web Without Being Blocked

With SOAX you get unrestricted access to the internet, without having to worry about account bans.
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Fequently Asked Questions

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