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Why Businesses Choose SOAX for SEO Monitoring
Fast Data Extraction
Collect large amounts of SERP data in a few clicks.
Easy Set-up Process
Customize your User Dashboard to highlight the SEO insights you need.
Practical Use
Get SERP insights quickly and start acting on them straight away.
Worldwide Coverage
Collect SERP data from any location in the world.
Zero Maintenance
Avoid captchas and any IP blocks or penalties.


SOAX is a partner of The World Ethical Data Forum (WEDF).

Award-Winning Software

SOAX is a partner of The World Ethical Data Forum (WEDF).


4.8+ rating on Trustpilot
Industry-Leading Proxy Servers
Success rate 98.95%
Response time 3.20 sec
Success rate 99.00%
Response time 2.59 sec
Success rate 99.62%
Response time 2.72 sec
Average 99.19%
Average 2.84 sec
Our Customers Enjoy the Best Customer Experience
It's a great service for residential proxies with the high level of customer support
Hi level of usability of the platform itself Very useful settings and usage Pretty good prices for such services, one of the best on the market Really great customer support and customer relationship (helped us in many cases) Ability to pay in crypto (bitcoin)
Emil M.
Founder and CEO - Marketing and Advertising
Extra helpful support team
The service is good, but I need to highlight that the customer support team is simply the best - our dedicated account manager and the whole team are excellent at solving issues and offering support.
Dan L.
M - Online Media
Helping hand
reliable for residential/mobile proxies as it gets, on top of that plans are well-balanced - easy to use and the dashboard is quite well designed - super helpful and friendly customer support team!
Verified User in Retail
Verified User in Retail
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