SEO Monitoring

Whether you are a business owner or part of an SEO agency, you most probably need a reliable proxy solution to support your search engine intelligence efforts. With high-quality mobile and residential proxies from Soax, you can easily collect and analyze valuable SEO data to stay ahead of the competition in search engines.

Elite proxies
All geos available
No usage limitation
100% whitelisted

We recommend mobile/residential proxies

Why businesses opt for Soax

Extensive proxy pool

Soax boasts one of the largest and cleanest proxy networks on the market and allows you to work with an unlimited number of IPs from real service providers and mobile carriers.

Powerful geo-targeting

Soax provides the most flexible geo-targeting options ever. Filter your proxies by country, city, or region. Narrow down your targeting settings to a specific ISP or mobile carrier.

High reliability

The Soax Proxy Exchange Platform ensures that you will always work with whitelisted, automatically rotated IP addresses. Say goodbye to bans, captchas and other restrictions.

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Pricing plan

Residential Proxies
Residential Proxies
Mobile Proxies

What our customers say

Every package includes

Worldwide coverage

Find proxies from any location anywhere in the world.

Unlimited concurrent connections

Work with tens of thousands of IPs simultaneously.

99.99% network uptime

Continuous access with the Soax rotation technology.

24/7 customer support

Get instant support via email, live chat, Telegram, or Skype.

Soax proxy dashboard

Easily manage your proxies and apply geo filters.

Full compatibility

Enjoy full compatibility with most known SEO tools.

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