Best Reddit Proxies of 2023

Written by: Robin Geuens

Reddit, with its bustling community of over 50 million daily active users, is undeniably one of the internet's liveliest platforms. However, for many, consistent access to Reddit can be hindered by region-specific restrictions and vigilant bot detection measures.

That's where Reddit-optimized proxies step in to save the day.

In this article, we'll discover the top-rated residential and datacenter proxies that will ensure your Reddit experience remains seamless and uninterrupted throughout 2023.

Here's what you can expect to learn:

  • Reviews of the leading Reddit proxy providers

  • Guidance on selecting the right proxy type to suit your needs

  • Insights into choosing the ideal proxy protocols for Reddit

  • Benefits of integrating proxies into your Reddit scraping routine

  • Tips on configuring your proxies for optimal performance on the platform

Let's start off by delving into the world of the finest Reddit proxy providers.

Tired of not being able to browse Reddit?

Use SOAX proxies and enjoy Reddit without limits

Best proxy providers for Reddit in 2023

  1. SOAX

  2. Brightdata

  3. Smartproxy

  4. Oxylabs


soax homepage

Offers residential and datacenter proxies for web scraping and data extraction. It has a pool of over 191 million residential IPs from 195 geos globally, as well as datacenter proxies in 26 countries.


  • Flexible IP rotation: You can choose between rotating your IPs randomly or based on a time interval from 1 minute to 10 hours.

  • Advanced geo-targeting: You can target IPs by country, city, region, ASN, or carrier. You can also filter IPs by connection type (Wi-Fi or mobile) and device type (desktop or mobile).

  • Session control: You can maintain sticky sessions with the same IP for up to 10 minutes, useful for scraping sites requiring a login.

  • Whitelisting: You can whitelist up to 100 IP addresses or domains to access the proxy network without authentication.

  • User-friendly dashboard: You can easily manage your account, monitor usage, create sub-users, generate proxy lists, and access the API.


  • No free trial: But you can request a refund within 3 days if unsatisfied.

  • No phone support: But live chat and email support are available.

  • No option for unlimited bandwidth.


  • Residential, ISP, mobile, and datacenter proxies

  • IP rotation (random or time-based)

  • Geo-targeting (country, city, region, ASN, carrier)

  • Session control (up to 10 minutes)

  • Whitelisting (IP or domain)

  • Dashboard

  • API

Tired of not being able to browse Reddit?

Use SOAX proxies and enjoy Reddit without limits

Bright Data

brightdata homepage

Bright Data offers a massive pool of 72 million residential IPs for proxying. The proxies geo-target 195 geos through an easy-to-use dashboard.


  • Real-time monitoring provides proxy performance data.

  • Dedicated account managers offer personalized support.

  • A free trial is available to test the proxy service.


  • Expensive compared to some proxy providers.

  • Bandwidth is limited on all packages.


  • Residential proxies in every country.

  • IP whitelisting capability.

  • Integrations with data scraping tools.

  • Rotating proxies to avoid blocks.


smartproxy homepage

Smartproxy provides 50 million residential IPs focused on unlimited connections and tool integration.


  • Budget-friendly proxy plans.

  • Integrates seamlessly with web scraping tools.

  • Unlimited concurrent connections.


  • Limited city and ASN targeting options.


  • Residential proxies in 195 geos.

  • Proxy API for developers.

  • Integrations for Scrapy, Puppeteer, etc.

  • Unlimited threads and connections.



Oxylabs offers over 100 million residential proxies combined with advanced proxies APIs.


  • Huge proxy pool with great diversity.

  • Customizable with proxies APIs.

  • 99.95% success rate.


  • Can be expensive for very heavy usage.

  • Support response times can be slow.


  • Residential and mobile proxies.

  • Real-time proxy management.

  • Location targeting worldwide.

  • Integrations with popular data scraping tools.



Key Features


Best For

Why Top Pick


155M+ residential IPs, location targeting, session control, scraping integrations

From $99/mo

Flexibility & control

Advanced targeting options, session management, and seamless scraping integrations make it our top choice for fine-tuned proxy control.


100M+ Residential proxies API, location targeting worldwide, tool integrations

From $300/mo

Large-scale scraping

With over 100M residential proxies and a 99.95% success rate, Oxylabs is ideal for heavy usage at scale.

Bright Data 

72M+ residential IPs, dedicated support, real-time monitoring

From $500/mo

Premium support

Dedicated account managers and real-time monitoring provide white-glove support.


50M+ residential IPs, unlimited connections, tool integrations

From $150/mo

Budget residential proxies

With unlimited connections and easy tool integrations, Smartproxy offers great value.

In summary, 

SOAX provides a robust residential proxy network with advanced targeting and rotation capabilities ideal for Reddit automation. Integrations with data extraction tools make setup smooth.

Oxylabs leads in speed and customization thanks to its residential proxies APIs. Granular targeting options help mimic organic usage.

Bright Data shines with its massive IP pool and dedicated monitoring and provides in-depth analytics on proxy usage.

Depending on your requirements and expertise, you can select the Reddit proxy provider that suits you best. If you're a casual user, cost-effective options such as NetNut, Shifter, IPRoyal, and GeoSurf cater to various needs, including affordability and specific features. However, if you're engaged in extensive data collection, SOAX, Oxylabs, and Bright Data stand out as top choices for enterprise-level solutions.

Now that we've explored the range of Reddit proxy providers, let's dive into why proxies are essential for maximizing your Reddit experience.

Why Reddit proxies are valuable

Reddit proxies are your trusted assistants, specially equipped to help you navigate the Reddit world while keeping your identity safe and your experience seamless. These proxy servers are fine-tuned to make your Reddit journey smoother and more efficient.

What can they do for you? Well, quite a bit:

Global Access: With Reddit proxies, you can effortlessly bypass those pesky geographic restrictions and explore Reddit from anywhere in the world. Say goodbye to content limitations!

Extensive Data Extraction: Need to gather a massive amount of data without getting blocked by Reddit's IP limits? Reddit proxies have your back, allowing high-volume data extraction without breaking a sweat.

Anonymity: Want to jump into international subreddits and join conversations from around the globe? Reddit proxies can cloak your location, letting you dive into discussions without revealing your true identity.

Multiple Reddit Accounting: Managing multiple Reddit accounts can be tricky, but with dedicated Reddit proxies, it's simple. Keep your accounts separate, secure, and organized.

Speedy Page Loads: Ever wished Reddit would load faster? Reddit proxies distribute your requests across different servers, speeding up your page loads and enhancing your overall experience.

The versatility of Reddit proxies can benefit you in various scenarios, including

Social Listening and Market Research: Keep your finger on the pulse of social trends and gather valuable market insights.

Training Machine Learning Models: If you're into data science, Reddit proxies are invaluable for training your machine learning models with diverse data sources.

Content Aggregation and Brand Monitoring: Stay updated with the latest content and keep a vigilant eye on your brand's online presence.

Anonymous Account Management: Whether you're moderating communities or just want to stay incognito, Reddit proxies help you manage your accounts discreetly.

Accessing Age-Restricted Subreddits: Some subreddits have age restrictions. Reddit proxies can help you access these without a hitch.

Now let's explore the best proxy types, protocols, and providers for Reddit.

Comparing proxy types

There are two main proxy categories for Reddit:

Residential proxies: Use IP addresses assigned to home or mobile connections by ISPs. Requests appear to originate from real devices, making detection harder.

Datacenter proxies: Utilize IPs belonging to servers in datacenters and cloud platforms. While less anonymous, they offer ultra-fast speeds.

Key differences

Pricing: Residential proxies are more expensive due to limited supply versus cheap, virtualized datacenter IPs.

Speed: Datacenter proxies are much faster thanks to high-bandwidth server connections versus residential proxies that rely on consumer internet speeds.

Anonymity: Residential IPs mimic real users for higher stealth versus datacenter IPs being known proxy addresses.

Reliability: Datacenter proxies have close to 100% uptime versus residential proxies relying on inconsistent ISP connections.

For most Reddit use cases, residential proxies provide the ideal blend of anonymity, reliability, and performance.

Choosing proxy protocol

Now that we've got a handle on what Reddit proxies can do for you, let's dive into the technical side of things—proxy protocols. These protocols play a crucial role in how your online traffic is encrypted and routed through the intermediary server. Here are the key players:


These proxies are like the friendly neighborhood browsers. They operate seamlessly with Reddit's HTTP/HTTPS infrastructure, making them a breeze to set up in any Reddit app.

SOCKS Proxies

If HTTP/HTTPS proxies are the regular browsers, SOCKS proxies are the tech-savvy, behind-the-scenes magicians. They work at the IP layer, enabling them to handle more advanced functions like account creation and voting while offering stronger anonymity.

Ideally, you'd want a proxy provider that offers both HTTP and SOCKS proxies. This way, you can have the best of both worlds—compatibility, speed, and enhanced anonymity. Plus, switching between protocols gives you the flexibility to maximize your proxy benefits.

With proxy protocols in our toolkit, let's now explore the top proxy services tailor-made for your Reddit adventures.

Configure proxies for optimal Reddit use

Now that we've delved into the world of the best Reddit proxy providers, proxy types, and protocols, it's time to run out and buy a proper proxy package that is perfectly suited for your needs. But hold on a second! Before you start browsing Reddit through your chosen proxy, let's ensure you're getting the most out of your setup. Here's how to configure and fine-tune your proxies for an optimal Reddit experience:

  1. Browser Extensions for Seamless Switching: To effortlessly switch between proxy IPs, consider installing browser extensions like FoxyProxy. These handy tools make managing your proxy settings a breeze.

  2. Frequent IP and Protocol Rotation: Keep those snooping eyes at bay by frequently rotating your IPs and protocols. Most providers offer proxy managers to help you with this task, preventing any suspicious patterns from emerging.

  3. Precision with Country/City Targeting: Want to blend in seamlessly with Reddit users from around the world? Take advantage of country and city targeting options to replicate natural access patterns.

  4. Anonymity Where It Matters: For actions that require a higher level of anonymity, like creating multiple accounts, create separate configurations to ensure your tracks are well-covered.

  5. Consistency with Session Management: Some activities, such as authenticated scraping, benefit from consistent IPs. Use session management features to maintain a stable connection for these tasks.

  6. Keep an Eye on Usage Logs: Monitor usage logs provided by your proxy service to identify any bottlenecks that could be limiting your performance.

By applying these configurations tailored to your specific Reddit activities, you'll unlock the full potential of your Reddit proxies and enjoy a seamless, secure, and efficient browsing experience.

Reddit without limits

As we've explored, specialized proxies can overcome geographic, and technical barriers when accessing Reddit. Whether you need to quietly monitor audience interests across subreddits, gather open datasets for research, or access restricted content - Reddit proxies enable it all.

The providers reviewed above represent the optimal choice when it comes to optimized, highly anonymous proxy services purpose-built for Reddit. Pick the right partner for your needs based on your use case, location, and budget.

We recommend starting with trials to test out the shortlisted providers before committing to the full subscription. As your needs grow, you can upgrade to premium models with more IPs, locations, and features.

Do not let geographic restrictions or bot monitoring prevent you from accessing Reddit! 


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